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Over this past year, we have seen many ICO’s fall in value after initial highs. However, there are some which have provided investors with a substantial return on their investment. This article will take a look at top 5 ICOs which brought top ICO ROIs.

Emmanuel Darko is a Blockchain technology entrepreneur and an advocate for the adoption and use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). An ex-banker who has had stints in both commercial and investment banking when he worked with Zenith and Data Banks respectively and he is currently VP at
Emmanuel Darko

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0X (ZRX) –  1,546.49%

Based on the 2018 ROI, 0X(ZRX) is the biggest US ICO. It is part of the Ethereum blockchain and is a protocol for cross-currency exchange, with an aim of making transactions faster and more efficient while not charging users fees to carry out these transactions.

Populous (PPT) – 1,635.15%

Populous, launched in 2017, is a peer-to-peer blockchain invoice marketplace allowing investors to buy invoices through auctions using smart contracts. What makes Populous interesting is that their token is pegged 1:1 to the currency of the country participating in a transaction. In just one year, they have achieved a return on investment of 1635.15%.

QTUM (QTUM) – 3,049.76%

QTUM, headquartered in Singapore, is the first proof of stake smart contract platform. The benefit of QTUM comes from integrating open source codes from existing blockchains instead of building the code from scratch.

In an era where people prefer to access the internet via their smartphones rather than a desktop, blockchain, focusing on mobile phone blockchain development, has sparked the interest of many investors in 2018.

NEO (NEO) –  141,775%

NEO is the first Chinese open source blockchain that combines smart contracts and digital assets. What makes NEO stand out is their main aim: NEO’s developers are trying to anticipate upcoming regulations for blockchain technology and have developed a blockchain that will meet regulations when they come into force.

The relationship between OnChain and NEO is fundamental in achieving their goal. OnChain is a company started by the same founders as NEO (Da HongFei and Erik Zhang) and develops private blockchains for Chinese businesses and the Chinese government.  This is significant because NEO has plans to launch NEOx, which will be a cross-chain interoperability protocol allowing users of OnChain to link up their private blockchains with NEO and vice versa. This makes NEO an ICO with a promising future and explains its strong return on investment (one of the top ICO ROIs).

STRATIS (STRAT) – 23,629.35%

Stratis is a UK-based proof of stake blockchain. It is a platform that supports companies in the development of their own private blockchains. The key selling point of Stratis is compatibility with various programming languages. Support for C# and .NET development are the most significant as Stratis was featured in Microsoft Azure’s marketplace.  

In 2018, Stratis launched the Stratis ICO platform which provides a secure method of ICO deployment for other blockchains. Providing this service in a year where the fear of ICO scams was high was a great boost for Stratis.

So, now you have read about the top 5 ICOs, what about the runners-up? Head over to ICOWatchList to find out more from their great infographic “11 of the biggest ICO ROIs of 2018”.

Infographic 2018'S BIGGEST ICO ROIs

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