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Adobe Muse Training

by | Mar 23, 2017 |

Adobe Muse is a website builder that allows designers to create fixed, fluid, and adaptive websites without having to write any code. Muse generates static websites giving users the freedom to host their sites with any hosting provider. … This application is available through Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription.

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Duration: 2 days

Course Overview and Objectives

This 2-day course provides a thorough overview of the interface, the tools, the features, tricks, and tips for using Muse CC. The course is an ideal combination of instructor-led demonstration and hands-on practice.


Practical working knowledge of Mac OS X or Windows

Adobe Muse CC Course Outline

Lesson 1: Overview of the Workspace

  • A typical Muse web workflow
  • Touring the Workspace
  • Working in Design mode
  • Preview mode

Lesson 2: Creating Your Site

  • Creating a new site
  • Creating and editing your site map

Lesson 3: Working with Master Pages

  • Web design versus print design
  • Building a master page
  • Creating new master pages
  • Applying master pages
  • Testing your pages

Lesson 4: Adding and Styling Text

  • Inserting text
  • Formatting text
  • Creating Type Styles

Lesson 5: Working with Shapes and Color

  • Working with shapes
  • Working with color

Lesson 6: Adding Images to Your Site

  • Web-image basics
  • Importing images
  • Moving, cropping, and resizing images
  • Understanding the Assets panel
  • Pinning content
  • Adding alternative text and a title to images

Lesson 7: Working with Links and Buttons

  • Working with Links
  • Working with anchors
  • Working with buttons
“If you think math is hard, try web design.”

Trish Parr

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Features of Adobe Muse CC

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Adobe Muse CC.

  • Awesome application for designing your web pages.
  • Enhance your web pages by adding forms, buttons, scroll effects and galleries etc.
  • No coding knowledge needed.
  • Provides user-friendly environment.
  • Can create cross-browser websites.
  • Got Plan Mode icon which you configure the layout of your web page.
  • Got predefined buttons of different social media.

Lesson 8: Applying Effects, Graphic Styles, and Inserting HTML

  • Working with rounded corners, effects, and opacity
  • Working with graphic styles
  • Embedding HTML

Lesson 9: Working with Widgets

  • About widgets
  • Inserting a composition widget
  • Working with slideshows

Lesson 10: Publishing and Exporting Your Site

  • Understanding Muse publishing
  • Publishing your site
  • Exporting your site as HTML
  • Upload a Site to a Third-Party Host
  • Upload Assets
  • xml

Lesson 11: Designing for Mobile

  • Understanding Alternate Layouts
  • Adding an Alternate Layout
  • Editing the Alternate Layout Properties
  • Editing an Alternate Layout Master
  • Adding Content to an Alternate Layout Master
  • Adding Content to the Alternate Layout (phone) Pages
  • Adding Links

Working with Assets

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