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Adobe Campaign

The yellow of the egg is not a single email, it needs to live and breath through a campaign. Deliver consistent campaigns everywhere this is the goal of todays marketers.

Although email marketing can be one of the most profitable components of your marketing mix, effective and successful email campaigns don’t just happen by accident. They take careful planning and an understanding of what works when it comes to email marketing. Having said this makes it crystal clear that we can not see email marketing standalone, it is part of the big picture which can make your digital marketing efforts succeed or fail. Time is over when we see that traditional marketing of sending 100.000 emails out, 2% will open and go into action, we need to measure results across all Omni channels.

Smarter campaigns for smarter people

Through nine simple follow, steps which we call Campaign Planner, we help you to establish an effective email marketing campaign to gather and convert leads. This all goes beyond platforms, tools, or services which are offered on the market. Learning how to do it right is the most powerful way how to make email marketing efficient. Let’s look into an overview of the nine steps on the road to success:

No two customers are alike. No problem.

Personalize, organize and deliver your cross-channel campaigns.

Adobe Campaign makes campaign management simple for the email marketer, while still giving you robust control over data management, segmentation, deployment, personalization, and customer journey design. Deliver personal experiences that your customers will love, every time.


for your campaign, who else knows more about your unique selling point than you

Know your target market

so the right messages can be delivered to the right people


that directly support your company’s core mission and bottom line

Best-practices list management

so you can successfully build, refine, and maintain your list, nobody like spammer, don’t be one of them

Call to action

splits the world and make your success for sure, enable clients to easily respond

Design compelling creative content

aligned with customers’ interests, bridge the gap between website and devices

Use Email address verification

that connects to mailboxes to check whether an email address exists or not

Measure and track

your campaign’s success through analysis and other meaningful metrics, define your KPI’s

Set a smart, realistic budget

that maximizes return and minimizes cost
Watch Video Series with Mathieu Hannouz, Evangelist Adobe Campaign, Adobe Systems
Optimize your campaigns by leveraging data collected at the moment of open. Check other solutions of the Adobe Digital Marketing Cloud

Integrated customer profiles

Build individual profiles based on the actions and interests gathered across marketing channels.

Cross-channel campaign orchestration

Intuitively design and automate customer experiences across channels, from one-off campaigns to triggered messages, with a graphically rich interface.

Contextual email marketing

Use personalization and well-orchestrated cross-channel marketing strategy to deliver relevant and engaging email experiences.

Real-time interaction management

Deliver one-to-one messages across inbound and outbound channels through a dynamic and centralized offer catalog.

A high definition view of your customer

Often email data can be limited. You need access to all your data to discover customer insights from both online and offline channels—all in real time. Use all your consumer data to quickly deliver personalized emails that stay in sync with your cross-channel strategy.

Integrated customer profile

Bring all the information you have about a customer — both online and offline — together in one place. 

Contextual email marketing

Deliver uniquely relevant email experiences, coordinated with other channels — including offline.

Cross-channel campaign orchestration

Using simple drag-and-drop icons, you can easily manage every aspect of your marketing campaigns, and then watch results in real time.

Real-time interaction management

Use a centralized catalog to select and present personalized, relevant offers in an instant.

Targeted segmentation

Identify customers more effectively with integrated customer profiles and customized segments.

Operational reporting

Use intuitive and customizable reports to give you the insights you need and the next action you should take.