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Improved Functionality Lock the Name value for known users when signing via Image or Drawn signature methods, February 2021

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Improved Functionality

Lock the Name value for known users when signing via Image or Drawn signature methods

There are situations where the ability to change the name of the recipient during the signing ceremony is undesirable. Adobe Sign has provided flexibility in this regard in deference to name preference by the Signer.  In more compliant environments this flexibility is unacceptable so there is a new control to lock the name to the agreement.

Admins now have the ability to prevent recipients with knownNamevalues from changing those values when they apply a Drawn or Image signature.

Situations where the name value is known:

  • When sending to a recipient with an Adobe Sign ID
  • When sending the name through the API
  • When the Signer Info fields are completed during form filling
  • When name is locked during the completion of a KBA authentication or Government ID authentication
Lock name values
Posted : 10/03/2021 11:02 am
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