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Four Tips For More Successful DAM Implementations

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This feature article was written by Ralph Windsor, Editor of DAM News and Project Director for DAM Consultants, Daydream.

One of the less widely understood realities of Digital Asset Management implementations is that at least half of the factors that decide whether or not the initiative succeeds or fails does not relate to the product, but the planning (or rather the lack of it) carried out by the end-user.  This is not to say that a poor choice of DAM system does not impact the ROI that can be obtained, but having been involved in well over 100 DAM implementations, most of the biggest challenges stemmed from organizational, communication, or people-related issues rather than technical ones.

In this article, Ralph presents a few tips those who are tasked with implementing DAM can use to help guide their own project planning activities.

1. Start planning implementation well before you begin looking at a product

2. Acknowledge that others in your organization will have traveled down this path before you

3. Think about your entire digital asset supply chain

4. Define metadata schema and any taxonomies in-advance


Perhaps the key recommendation is the first one.  It is essential to realize that successful DAM implementations are about far more than just selecting products.  End users that obsess over finding ‘the best DAM’ are more likely to be disappointed with their DAM ROI performance than those who engage with topics like metadata, digital asset supply chains, adoption, and governance.

The above is far from the only recommended techniques for operating a smooth running DAM initiative.  

Four Tips For More Successful DAM Implementations is a post from: Digital Asset Management News

Posted : 21/03/2021 9:55 am
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Posted : 23/10/2022 7:12 am
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Very Informative: Digital Asset Management implementations

Posted : 13/12/2022 3:42 pm