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Why every organization needs Digital Asset Management

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Today’s businesses consume photos, images, audio, video and rich format content in everything they do.

Addicted to visual content and multimedia content we try to bridge to gap between multi-culture and multi-language to work in a complex and competitive environment.

Regardless of statistics and studies, the facts are clear. The number of digital files in our lives continues to grow. Many years back we tried to overcome the challenge to work with data in organizations, ERP solutions and similar have been growing to accommodate the need for organizations.

Later we realized that business requires managing unstructured information which is document based. We focused on building solutions to overcome this challenge and make DMS and ECM systems, helping to manage and working with documents and content.

Now a new ERA has been entered utilizing in business digital content formats helping us to achieve our business mission. Digital Asset Managment (DAM) solutions are no longer a nice to have for organizations.
They need a streamlined workflow and system to support working with external partners on collateral, artwork and other visual content.

Let’s recap the benefits of Digital Asset Management. With DAM you get:

- A central location to store and protect digital assets, one that enables consistent branding
- The ability to dynamically distribute assets to internal and external teams
- A place to quickly find and retrieve assets
- Better visibility into existing digital content, and an improved ability to leverage that content

All of which helps businesses and organizations because it:
- Improves collaboration and communication
- Enhances workflow efficiency
- Reduces time and cost of content production
- Lowers operating costs
- Provides the ability to bring new products and services to market faster

This, in turn, translates into an efficient, well-oiled machine, capable of outputting an amazing return on investment.

Posted : 15/01/2018 5:30 pm
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"Every business, including Logovent and other companies that provide logo design services, needs to have Digital Asset Management (DAM). DAM offers a centralized way to effectively store, arrange, and manage digital assets. At Logovent, we value visual identities above all else. DAM makes sure that our vast collection of images, logos, and design files is safe, easily accessible, and maintained.

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Posted : 06/03/2024 7:17 pm
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Well Descriptive information...

Posted : 19/04/2024 3:25 pm