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Adobe Audition Training

by | Mar 14, 2017 |

Adobe Audition 6, also more commonly known as Audition CC, was released on 17 June 2013. Audition CC is now the first 64-bit application in the Audition line.

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” Did you know … Adobe Auditon was originally developed by Syntrillium, which was founded in the early 1990s by Robert Ellison and David Johnston, both former Microsoft employees, as Cool Edit, the program was distributed as crippleware for Windows computers.  ”


Adobe® Audition CC software delivers the cross-platform tools that video and film professionals, broadcast engineers, and audio specialists need for recording, editing, mixing, creating soundtracks, and restoring audio. A new, high performance audio playback engine drastically speeds up operation; enables work on multiple simultaneous audio and multitrack files; and allows effects, noise reduction, and audio sweetening processing in the background. Royalty free content makes creating sound beds, scores, and soundscapes easy. Native 5.1 surround sound capability and roundtrip editing with Adobe Premiere® Pro CC software promote a smooth video production workflow, while Open Media Format (OMF) and XML support project exchange with Avid Pro Tools and third-party NLEs.

Lesson 1: Audio Interfacing

ο Audio interface basics ο Mac OS X audio setup ο Windows setup ο Testing inputs and outputs with Audition (Mac or Windows) ο Using external interfaces

Lesson 2: The Audition Environment

ο Audition’s dual personality
ο The Audition Workspace
ο Navigation

Lesson 3: Basic Editing

ο Opening a file for editing
ο Selecting a region for editing and changing its level
ο Cutting, deleting, and pasting audio regions
ο Cutting and pasting with multiple clipboards
ο Extending and shortening musical selections
ο Simultaneous mixing and pasting
ο Repeating part of a waveform to create a loop
ο Showing waveform data under the cursor
ο Fading regions to reduce artifacts

… and many more

 Lesson 4: Signal Processing

 Lesson 5: Audio Restoration

 Lesson 6: Mastering

 Lesson 7: Sound Design

 Lesson 8: Creating and Recording Files

 Lesson 9: Multitrack Editor Orientation

 Lesson 11: Editing Clips

 Lesson 12: Creating Music with Sound Libraries

 Lesson 13: Recording in the Multitrack Editor

 Lesson 14: Automation

 Lesson 15: Mixing

Adobe Certified Instructor

"Adobe Certified Experts and Adobe Certified Instructors will lead you through industry state-of-the-art, highly-efficient workflow procedures to get your jobs done in the right way. Skillz ME training courses are conducted by Adobe Certified Experts and instructors with years of industry knowledge, experience and skills at their hands."

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