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Digital Marketing

We are glad you finally decided to take your marketing seriously. Online Marketing is in today’s a world of millennials and generation-y audience mandatory to successfully position our brand, company, products, and service offering.

We live in an hyper-connected world which is dictated by audiovisuals all over. From our simple website to the mobile app, social media or social commerce we consume on daily base more and more audio-visual content. Companies have to transform their product and services offerings to be presented on a global scale in a digital environment. But having recognized and said you need so does not take the challenge away to go through this digital transformation.

Online and Digital Marketing Challenges

Organizations incorporate their knowledge in 90% of their industry know-how which makes their product offering and services unique to competition and other market offerings. But the world is shifting through globalization and culture mix to a melting pot for marketers. They need educating themselves on it-technologies and digital marketing terminology. To reach their audience they need to shift with their marketing to the internet. But the internet is opportunity and threat at the same time. For every marketer, the questions and challenges stay the same.


How do I get more traffic to my Website or e-Commerce store?
It is not always good to just generate website traffic. You require traffic from the interested audience or people looking for purchasing products and services you offer. The audience which was searching for the right product and/or service. How much does it cost you to target this audience and how much do you pay for traffic which you do not need?

Skillz Middle East makes sure to redirect all audiences from the point of engagement right back to your point of sales. We adjust your budget to optimize your traffic for more stellar results.

Why do I need SEO who gives me the best service?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goes far beyond only optimizing your website to be ranked Number 1 on Google. Paid advertisement can easily push you up to the top, but only the correct optimization of your content, images, photos, videos, sitemap and SEO metadata will give you the peace to rank proper. Google is changing their algorithm every month what to determinate who shall be shown first to their client. How can you keep up to speed?

Skillz Middle East is assisting you to optimize your website and content for the proper SEO ranking in all aspects.

How to I find the right audience?
Compared to traditional marketing we have much more options. Online Marketing entitles us to filter exactly who we target and who we do not target. Think about a billboard on a highway, we assume on daily base 400,000 cars will past. Conceivably 2% of the passengers will see our advertisement and out of this group 2% will go into action. It is a very predictive way of marketing. In online marketing, we can say explicitly who was reading our advertisement, who clicked, and who did not click.

Skillz Middle East helps you to exactly profile your audience for proper marketing.

How shall I format my advertisment?
The name claims it already all, the World Wide Web (the internet), opens the gate to our global audience. For many marketers and people, this can be a pressing challenge. Since we don’t know which format, we need on which advertising space like social media, newspaper, search engine or maybe on a game. On top of this, we require the understanding which device our audience uses while consuming information on the internet. You see many challenges to be answered before we can enter the stage of global advertisement and marketing. 

Skillz Middle East helps you to deliver the right format for your audience on the right channel for in the best format for any device.

Digital Marketing Traffic Geneartion

In summary: Once we have defined our KPI’s and our digital strategy we can work on profiling our audience and generate our content to be fit for all digital channels (Omni-channels) of our audience choice. This will ensure the proper income of our business over digital and online marketing.

What are elements of digital marketing and online marketing?

Digital Marketing Overview

1. SEO

Ranking on Google on position #1 does not influence your potential clients to buy from you or your eCommerce store. Companies are misled by the terminologies because they do not establish their actual business relevant KPI’s. Use SEO wise across all content and across different channels.


Email is nevertheless the most effective marketing method of our days. However, our audience is less patient than many years before. In 0.4s they decide if the information is relevant to them or not. Personalization, Campaign Management, and List Management are the important elements in your email marketing strategy.


We are living in an always-connected environment and most of us are carrying a smartphone. SMS can meanwhile assist us with links back to our eCommerce store, website or social commerce, and deliver point exactly to the ideal person we are looking for. SMS campaigns are very useful if we want to penetrate upselling and cross-selling.


Google Analytics is for free and delivers you insides which you might even do not know how to transform it into an action plan. More meaningful insides to your customers and potential customers is the yellow of your egg. People and our environment are transforming constantly and so should our marketing and digital presence. Recognizing what our audience is looking for, how our site visitors are perceiving our image online is key to recalibrate our presence and optimize the information we deliver. Marketers are required to read and understand this type of big data.


It does not always need is the version 1 of your design which is the best to perceive from your audience. A/B testing tools help you to evaluate between two designs, two text messages and even two colors which one fits the best for your audience. Instead of reaching only 10% of your audience we can now increase your chance of getting the right attention. 


Social Media demonstrated us the importance of videos in marketing. In the year 2017, we had an increase of over 300% of video content on social media consumed by the users. Allover the internet video content is more important than any other format. We can not deny we need to pack our product and service offerings in video messages to reach our audience.


A web store or website has to be perceived the same way on every device for our audience. Web experience management makes sure this happens with responsive design of apps and sites. Personalization makes sure that messages get adjusted and direct the accurate information to the right audience.


The banner advertisement has been the oldest online marketing since the time of the internet. They existed at the time the first website went online. However, today it is more than this. Different layouts, personalization, and channel optimization shape them more powerful than before. Also since the era of mobile devices, we had to transform them into a new layout and to be shown in mobile apps.

” Skillz ME solutions are designed to assist in digital marketing efforts, enabling you to amplify your online marketing strategy, manage your global brand, embrace social business, and produce effective customer communications. “
Dieter Hovorka

Co-Founder & CTO, Skillz Middle East

Your success starts here with our complete offering

Skillz Middle East helps you to recognize the opportunities you are missing. Positioning your brand, products, and services to the right audience at the right time on their favorite digital channel of their choice. An accurate evaluation and analysis of potentials are key to be successful in digital marketing. Below you can see in which areas we specify your ideal digital strategy. One or more of this element might be the ideal combination for your starting point.

A well-planned digital marketing program can adjust how you interact with your customers, and the way customers perceive your brand. Contact our team and make the first step towards your success.