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Information Rights Mangement

Protect the integrity and privacy of sensitive information no matter where it travels with Information Rights Management (DRM/IRM). Improve your regulatory compliance posture and client satisfaction in a single step.

” Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. ” Warren Buffet

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a class of technologies that are used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyrights holders, and individuals with the intent to control the use of digital content and devices after sale; A there are, however, many competing definitions. With first-generation DRM software, the intent is to control copying; With second-generation DRM, the intent is to control executing, viewing, copying, printing and altering of works or devices. The term is also sometimes referred to as copy protection, copy prevention, and copy control, although the correctness of doing so is disputed. DRM is a set of access control technologies. Companies such as Amazon, AT&T, AOL, Apple Inc., Google, BBC, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Sony, and Valve Corporation use digital rights management.

Digital Rithgts Mangement flow

DRM and documents

Enterprise digital rights management (E-DRM or ERM) is the application of DRM technology to the control of access to corporate documents such as Microsoft Word, PDF, and AutoCAD files, emails, and digital media rather than to the control of consumer media. E-DRM, now more commonly referenced as IRM (Information Rights Management), is generally intended to prevent the unauthorized use (such as industrial or corporate espionage or inadvertent release) of proprietary documents. IRM typically integrates with Content Management System or Digital Asset Management software.

Dynamic Policy Control
IRM allow content owners to define or change information rights and recall or expire content after distribution

Persistent Protection
Information Rights Management (IRM) provides security for documents, messages, and attachments while in transit, at rest, and after delivery.

Mobility and secure access
IRM secure access to sensitive documents via iPad and iPhone anytime, from anywhere.

Continuous Audit Trail
IRM track all activity associated with secured content to demonstrate proof of compliance with security policies.

Skillz Middle East helps lower the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Dynamic policies let you protect critical information, improve your regulatory compliance posture, and extend the collaboration sphere for critical communications inside and outside the firewall and into the mobile realm. Persistent security ensures documents remain protected, whether users are online or offline. We analyze your needs, infrastructure and information type to select the proper technology for your organization never losing the mission out of our eyes.

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