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Adobe Captivate Advanced Training

by | Mar 23, 2019

Adobe Captivate is a rapid responsive authoring tool that is used for creating e-learning content such as software demonstrations, software simulations, branched scenarios, and randomized quizzes in HTML5 formats for desktop, tablets and smartphones. Learn in this Adobe Captivate Advanced Training how to utilize the organizing your team, project and integration into SCORM platforms.

Adobe Captivate Training for Beginner
Duration: 3-5 Days

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Lessons Covered:

You’ll get your advanced class started with a bit of a review. You’ll record a software simulation using Captivate’s Custom recording mode. Where’s the twist? You’ll edit a little-known language file and control the text that appears in future Captivate text captions. The time you’ll save by pre-editing this little file just might pay for this class.

Pre Requisites:

Basic computer skills, Adobe Captivate Training for Beginners or Basic.

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Adobe Captivate Advanced Training

Course Outline

If you’re looking for continued Adobe Captivate training, this advanced class will teach you to improve your screen recording skills via projects templates and pre-editing your text captions. You’ll enhance your production skills by learning about object styles, master slides, themes, and advanced actions. You’ll learn to create, insert, and edit variables that will enrich the learner experience, and you will learn how to create branching scenarios that will enable learners to plot their own learning path. You’ll learn to collaborate with team members using Captivate’s powerful commenting capabilities. You’ll ensure your eLearning and mLearning output can be accessed by people with disabilities by adding such 508-compliant features as accessibility text and closed captions.

Finally, you’ll learn about SCORM, AICC, SCOs, Manifests and how to upload published lessons into an LMS.

Essential Skills with a Twist

As your class ramps up, you won’t just learn how to start Captivate and click each tool, you’ll begin the process of creating eLearning lessons from the ground up. You’ll not only learn how to create effective eLearning, but why those lessons will be effective.

■     Planning eLearning Projects

■     The Development Process

■     Resolution and Recording Size

■     Custom Recordings

■     Text Caption Pre-Editing

■     Custom Styles

Branching and Aggregating

If you’ve created several small projects, you’ll learn that you can easily combine them into one master project. Once you’ve combined projects, you’ll learn how to create jumps (branches) between different parts of the bigger lesson. And if you’ve created large lessons that are too big to combine, you’ll learn how to use the Aggregator to allow independent lessons to share a TOC.

■     Custom Styles

■     Combining Projects

■     Branching

■     Slide Groups

■     Aggregator

Question Pools

You’ll get a refresher on how to add a question slide to a project. Then you will learn to create question pools and random question slides that will make it difficult for learners to share quiz content with each other.

■     Question Pools

■     Random Question Slides

Adobe Captivate Advanced Training with Captivate 2019



Learning is an exercise in changing the self

Adobe Captivate Advanced Training Accessibility

Creating eLearning lessons and courses that are accessible to citizens with disabilities may be a requirement in your organization. During these lessons, you’ll learn some Section 508 best practices, and how to implement them within a Captivate project.

Accessible eLearning

Creating eLearning lessons and courses that are accessible to citizens with disabilities may be a requirement in your organization. During these lessons, you’ll learn some Section 508 best practices, and how to implement them within a Captivate project.

■     Accessibility and Captivate

■     Accessibility Text

■     Shortcut Keys

■     Closed Captioning

Variables and Widgets

Variables will allow you to customize an eLearning lesson for every student. And you don’t have to know a single programming code to work with variables. You’ll also learn about widgets and how to add them to a project.

■    Inserting and Creating Both System and User-Defined Variables

■    Inserting and Working with Widgets

Advanced Actions

When a learner clicks on a button or click box, an Action occurs. But what if you want multiple, conditional actions to occur? You’ll be introduced to Captivate’s Advanced Actions that will allow objects to perform multiple tricks for every learner click.

■     Standard Actions

■     Conditional Actions

■     Conditional and Standard Action Combos

Master Slides, Themes and Project Templates

Efficiency doesn’t reach much higher than this… learn to keep the look and feel of your Captivate projects consistent across slides and projects when you create master slides, apply and customize Themes, and create and use Project Templates.

■     Master Slides

■     Themes

■     Project Templates

■     Template Placeholders

Captivate 2019 Features

Captivate 2019 enters into a totally new era of e-Learning with VR, more interactivity and many more features.

■    Virtual Reality(VR)

■    Interactive Videos

■    Video Demo and Personalize the Background

■    Responsive Learning: Fluid Boxes 2.0

■    CSV Question Import Template

■    PowerPoint to Responsive eLearning

Working with an LMS

If you’ve included a quiz in your eLearning lesson, it’s likely you’ll need to track the quiz results. You’ll learn how to prepare a Captivate project so that it will work with an LMS, and how to successfully upload a lesson to an LMS.

■     LMS Reporting Options

■     Manifest Files

■     Advanced Interaction

■     Content Packages

■     Uploading to an LMS

Learn Adobe Captivate today and make the choice of in-house Captivate training for your team, or Workshop for the newest features or just this outlined Captivate Advanced Training.


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