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Every season the same question, what shall we give to our partners, employees or customers? Years back yes we have decided to actually donate the money instead of spending it as marketing budget on our clients. Our days it got popular again to make gift cards instead of actual goods. Read in today’s infographic what are the most popular gift ideas 2017.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Retailers are prepared for September, walking through the mall you can see season decoration sometimes already late August. As we prepare gifts for your partners, employees, and customers this year keep potential new clients in mind as well. More than 50%  of companies that send gifts include competitors’ clients as gift recipients to gain their attention. How cute is that?

All About Gifts & Baskets made a nice infographic which tells it all, corporate gift giving is way beyond what we expected in the past. While we tend in Europe to actually allocate our money for donations of NGO’s it seems different in other parts of the world.

Swim with the trend of most popular corporate gift ideas 2017 or stand out of the crown?

In the graphic we can see based on the most popular types of gifts, it jumps into my eyes that this year nearly three out of 10 clients will be receiving chocolate gifts, the most popular type of gifts explored in the graphic. No wonder, here in Dubai we frequently penetrate the local culture of giving gifts from Switzerland or Brussels chocolate manufacturer.

We can also learn from the Infographic that the large majority (89%) of gifts are customized with a brand logo, and nearly 25% of gifts fall into the $50-$100 range per receiver.

Maybe you need ideas and want to pick from the trends or just not follow the trend, find out which gifts are most popular and to get into the gift-giving spirit. Share with us your way of giving and what you think about the trends, leave a comment after the infographic – “Most Popular Corporate Gift Ideas 2017”.

Most Popular Corporate Gift Ideas 2017

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