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Read today about Alexa and how are Voice-Activated Virtual Assistants changing online shopping, search, and media behavior for consumers in an Infographic. Only 6% of men said the use of personal assistants has no effect on their shopping behavior.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Today’s ara are more and more utilizing artificial intelligence in form of voice-activated virtual assistants devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This is significantly influencing consumer behavior, according to a study by Toluna. All the big brands, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google or IBM, are investing more and more into R&D around this type of technologies.

1000 consumers in the U.S. have been interviewed in the study to find more insides of the real-time digital consumer behavior and learned how these devices affect the online shopping, search, and media consumption behaviors of men and women, and compiled the results into an infographic.

Only 6% of men said the use of personal assistants has no effect on their shopping behavior, while 22% of women said the same.

Comparing prices for shopping is the most used by men while women are more using it for weather and news. Allover the adoption of usage can be improved and would generate more income in retail.

Humans tend to trust not machines yet, but voice-activated virtual assistance is a giant step forward in the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) industry.

Voice-activated virtual assistants devices have at least somewhat changed the buying behavior of most people who use them, which is a shift in the overall e-commerce customer engagement model, creating new opportunities for savvy brands to engage customers.

In the study, we can read that the top barrier to owning a virtual assistant is the price for the consumer. But with more options coming to market each year, that may not be a barrier for long.

Share your thoughts and experience with this devices and let us know what you think will the future bring. Use our commenting section below for the conversation.

Alexa, How Are Voice-Activated Virtual Assistants Changing Shopping, Search, and Media Behavior? [Infographic]

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