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7 Legal Tips When Creating Your Business Logo

Creating a business logo seems like a purely artistic project with some undertones of marketing, but it’s a much bigger deal than many business owners suspect. Your logo is the way you’ll introduce the world to your business, and that’s a huge step.Lucy Taylor is an...

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How a Machine Learns to Write [Infographic]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is since months in the press and discussed up-and-down on technology shows and conferences. Machine learning is one aspect of it, so let's have today a look at "how a machine learns to write" and AI in Art. Digital Marketing is not anymore...

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Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management Q3/2018

Back in 2017 the CRM market for lead management applications grown with more than 17%. Successful organizations know how to tackle and track their customer relationships and how to overcome the challenge in their sales pipeline.Digital Marketing is not anymore like...

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Top 8 Woman in Cryptocurrency [Infographic]

Everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency and how woman contributes to their success and the big popularity of it.Hi, I am Karthik, working for White Ranking Technologies (, a startup Digital Marketing company. I have 5+ years of experience in...

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2018 Biggest ICO ROIs [Infographic]

Over this past year, we have seen many ICO's fall in value after initial highs. However, there are some which have provided investors with a substantial return on their investment. This article will take a look at top 5 ICOs which brought top ICO ROIs.Emmanuel Darko...

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Making A Fortune Through Cryptocurrency

There’s no denying that cryptocurrency has become quite popular over the last few years. When Bitcoin was launched in 2009, many didn’t expect that it will become as widespread as it is today. Nevertheless, nearly ten years later, the cryptocurrency market cap...

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How to improve your IT Strategy

Your business’s information technology strategy (IT strategy) refers to a written comprehensive plan defining the factors influencing and affecting the firm’s technology investment and use. Kevin Gardner loves writing about technology and business and the impact it...

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Are you going to buy your first vape?

The popularity of the vapes is getting more and it receives attention from governments health authorities and consumers. Know some of the important things before you buy your first vape. Trudy is a Business Tech Analyst. He is very responsible towards his job. He...

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The Art & Science of Delegation [Infographic]

Delegation allows you to keep coming up with fresh ideas for your business. Doing everything and doing the same thing over and over cages your creativity and stops innovative business solutions from breaking out. Juliana Marulanda is a business operations expert,...

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Do You Need a Degree to Become a Successful CEO?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a successful CEO? Popular advice touts the success of risk-takers like Michael Dell and Mark Zuckerberg, famous tech CEOs who dropped out of college.Meredith is Editor-in-Chief at Fundera. Specializing in financial advice...

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Dubai Powered by Blockchain

Dubbed as the "City of the Future", and in addition to the flying drone taxi, the robotics implementations with the local Police, and the newly appointed Artificial Intelligence Minister Omar Bin Sultan, Smart Dubai Is in the process of Integrating Blockchain to have...

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Brain Development Tips While Studying University

Your brain plays a very important role in making you what you are. Ensuring that you make things right for your brain development continuously is important for your success in life especially during studies.<h3>Listen to the podcast version of the article or...

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Responsive Web Design in the Mobile First World

When it comes to personalized web and mobile experience, Responsive Web Design (RWD) wins the most prioritized position in top web design trends. Mashable Inc. declared the year 2013 as “The Year of Responsive Web Design”. Today, we will discuss how Responsive Web...

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Best Customer Service Tools for Small Businesses

An appealing logo, an influential website, and exemplary customer services can help to ramp up your business’s productivity and amplify the Profits. Finding the best customer service tools when it comes to small business might be challanging when it comes to budget...

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How to Be Successful at University some Life Hacks

Whether you are joining university from college, school, or employment, you definitely want to know how to be successful at the university. You might even wonder how university differs from college or school. <h3>Listen to the podcast version of the article or...

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Top 10 Payments Trends 2018 [Infographic]

We can see $ 31.26 bn is expected annual global card fraud losses in 2018. Increasing collaboration between stakeholders, infrastructure rationalization vendor operations consolidation, next-generation technologies, and cybersecurity are the key emerging trends in the...

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5 Reasons Your Sales Prospects Say NO [Infographic]

Frustration and demotivation are the biggest betrayers when it comes to successful selling. Salespeople across all industries are easy demotivated when their clients are not in dialogue with them. Today's Infographic highlights 5 reasons why your sales prospects don't...

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