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Best Customer Service Tools for Small Businesses

An appealing logo, an influential website, and exemplary customer services can help to ramp up your business’s productivity and amplify the Profits. Finding the best customer service tools when it comes to small business might be challanging when it comes to budget...

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How to Be Successful at University some Life Hacks

Whether you are joining university from college, school, or employment, you definitely want to know how to be successful at the university. You might even wonder how university differs from college or school. Listen to the podcast version of the article or Download...

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Top 10 Payments Trends 2018 [Infographic]

We can see $ 31.26 bn is expected annual global card fraud losses in 2018. Increasing collaboration between stakeholders, infrastructure rationalization vendor operations consolidation, next-generation technologies, and cybersecurity are the key emerging trends in the...

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5 Reasons Your Sales Prospects Say NO [Infographic]

Frustration and demotivation are the biggest betrayers when it comes to successful selling. Salespeople across all industries are easy demotivated when their clients are not in dialogue with them. Today's Infographic highlights 5 reasons why your sales prospects don't...

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Consumer Travel Trends for 2018 [Infographic]

Now that we’re into the summer months, many of us are getting set to take holidays and venture to various regions around the globe. It seems like the ideal time, then, to look at a few of the consumer travel trends that are likely to dominate this summer.

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Being The New Team Member as Software Developer

As a skilled computer scientist, you can travel the world and work anywhere you like. Special as a software developer the opportunities are great since all computer programming languages are international the same. Time to meet our new team member Salman Aziz who...

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Life with Google Assist also know as Google Duplex

Google Assistant (Google Duplex) is getting better at assisting you with each passing day. It is proving really very effective in helping you control your entire digital life. If you are a digital marketer, an online business owner or a Google lover who spends its...

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Bitcoin History and Timeline [Infographic]

Bicoin History: Bitcoin is a payment system invented in 2008 and released as an open-source software the following year. It is described as the first decentralized digital currency and is presently the largest of its kind in terms of total market value. Here's a look...

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How to Live Stream Like a Pro [Infographic]

We saw an amazing content increase of Video on the internet in the year 2017. The prediction for video marketing in 2018 does not let the numbers decline. Essentially Marketers are looking into opportunities for product demonstrations and service offering to deliver...

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