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WordPress is second to none for being able to edit the content of your website and one of its benefits is the WordPress community and wealth of knowledge available. However, for some the amount of information can be overwhelming. Looking information up now and then when you want to update your page or write a new blog post can be a hassle. Having a WordPress Beginner Guide would be great and appreciated.

Digital Marketing is not anymore like traditional Marketing, now Marketers need a proof of their investment.

Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Whether you’ve created a WordPress website or have been handed one from a developer it’s important that you and your team are empowered to get the most out of it, so you can edit and create new content for your audience that represents you and your brand as you grow. Time to have a compact WordPress Beginner Guide in your hand to succeed in this business-critical mission.

You do not need to be a developer who knows how to write html, php or anything like that. Newt Labs has put an Infographic together which is a simple, easy to follow WordPress manual that will help you get to grips with WordPress so you can edit the content of your website.

Websites should be the dynamic home for all of your business partners and potential clients to interact and communicate with you and your team. Wait a minute did I write to interact with your Website, not with my Facebook page? Yes, this is correct, we do not want to bring our audience to social media, we want them back to our branded Website so they can recognize us and trust us to actually talk with us and not Facebook and Co.

Publishing up-to-date information is key for success. If you haven’t edited your site in a while and you need a refresher, or you have a new team member that needs bringing up to speed with WordPress to enable them to manage the content of your website.

This WordPress beginner guide also doubles up as a resource for web developers to give their clients as a form of training.

It is the most common practice that developers and their clients cannot meet in person for hands-on training because of their geographical location. This simple and easy to read WordPress beginner guide can help developers to get their clients up to speed. Developers which are sometimes not the best trainers can expand now their offering with a super easy to learn guide along with their perfect build website and enables their client to use their shiny new content management system for edits and new content.

So go forth to learn how to use the different features of your WordPress website so you can publish your heart’s content, thank you Newt Labs.

The Easy How To Use WordPress Beginner Guide (Infographic)

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