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So you’ve decided to build a mobile app or maybe your brand already has one and you want to take advantage of all the goodness an app can bring your users. Read the infographic below to learn more about things you should know about Business Mobile Apps.

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In addition to the basic functions that allow your customers to research your products and purchase easily, you may want to consider additional features. The team at Bizness Apps has compiled an infographic of what it considers the top 10 features and why they are important.

For example, 39% of customers spend more if they receive a personalized mobile coupon, the infographic explains, so including discount coupons in your app can boost sales. 70% of smartphone users would be interested in using their smartphone to collect points and receive discounts. 69% of smartphone users would be likely to download a loyalty application. 

52% of millennials want to use their mobile devices to take advantage of loyalty programs offered by restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Type of discount and loyalty features for your app could be mobile coupons, scratch and win or loyalty cards. Don’t forget that the app should provide customer service according to 78% of all consumers they are looking for this feature on their mobile app. But beware customers expect feedback and reaction on their service requests. 

Moreover, phone calls to your business can have better conversion rates than clicks, so a click-to-call button that makes dialing easy should be part of an app.

And, finally, push notifications don’t have to be pesky. When implemented well, they can have a big impact on brand loyalty, the infographic explains.

For more ideas on how to make your mobile app extra useful to your customers and more profitable for your business, check out the infographic “Top 10 Features for Business Mobile Apps”.

Top 10 Features for Business Mobile Apps [Infographic]

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