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Video Marketing Success

Seems like one of the most dominant trends in 2017 was Video Marketing and the trend is continuing for 2018. People love to watch and consume videos compared to text and even pictures, read today how you can succeed with video marketing.

Have you paid attention to video marketing already? Are you maybe in the middle of it and see that it is not a trivial task to do? Producing a video can require some efforts and is also not cheap. So how do we ensure to get the most out of our investment in creating a video?

Videos are already present everywhere, you can present them on your website to illustrate your product or services and ultimately share them on social channels. I assume you are already fit in this discipline, but what else can you do with them? Would it not be great to monetize them even more?

90% of all internet users claim to make a purchase decision based on videos. Explainer videos and product review videos from other consumer help in the purchase decision.

An infographic by Broadcast2world points out ten different ways how to set up your video marketing for the ultimate success.

The numbers of some of the main players are telling us the truth, and they asked the question. Why is video essential to your marketing strategy in 2018?

  • People spend 1/3 of their internet time watching video
  • 90% of users claim that video plays a big role in their purchase decision
  • Hubspot recommends at least 50% of your content mix be video
  • SERPs: 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs

A good start point is to decide if you want to make an educational video or an emotion-based one. We learned from the past that we should not skip the storyboard to ensure we don’t forget anything we want to put into there. Once your content is created it about distribution to the various channels including social networks.

Besides all our traditional videos we know 360-degree videos are at the moment very attractive. They gained momentum in 2017 and increased click rates by 15-20%. Timelapse and live streaming are usually also performing well when it comes to capturing your audience.

All it comes down is to make a formal plan. Vary the type of videos you want to produce to achieve higher attraction and sharing rate.

Are you already making video marketing, what does it take to persuade you to move forward? Read all the details and more in today’s infographic for Strategies for Video Marketing success in 2018.

10 Tips for Video Marketing Success
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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

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