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When new technology comes up and new ways how we consume information we always question ourselves if this is a one hit wonder or if it is a sustainable element of our life. Voice recognition, voice assistants and voice-search might be some of the questions we have currently. But what else could give reputation to a technology if not Voice-Search Stats which speak for themselves? Read today all about the newest trends which it comes to Voice-Search.

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Voice search is the new organic search. Voice search assistants or software help you to convert your voice into text on your computer or mobile device faster than you can type.

Find out the most interesting things about voice search in the infographic below!

Here’s everything you wanted to know about voice search compiled into one infographic, created by SEO agency advisor SEO Tribunal, which includes a look back in history, usage stats, device comparisons, and more.

Reading the timeline of history might surprise you. Did you know the technology speech and tech goes back to the beginnings of 1961? It was our favorite friends from IBM who already researched possibilities of speech recognition. IBM Shoebox understood 16 words and digits. 1978 another player appeared releasing the first of its kind technology which was called Speak & Spell, by Texas Instruments.

We might remember more when Siri was introduced by Apple, it reached the lights to the public in 2011. We know today that we all look into chatbots which are equipped with NLP voice recognition. The beginnings reach back to the year 1986 where all started.

The end is not there but for sure 2018 Google Duplex surprised the industry and audience.

The infographic illustrates voice-search stats like when to people actually use it. Another interesting field gives numbers about what do people search for? This helps to build actual useful solutions and products around it.

Marketers may want to scroll to the section about SEO and how voice search is changing people’s search habits. For example, ensure your content uses natural language that matches with your audience’s searches, the graphic recommends.

Two more tips: make sure your content also ranks well in desktop search results and is shareable via social.

The infographic predicts that the future of voice recognition market which will rose to $601 million industry by next year.

So marketers who haven’t started to optimize for voice yet will want to get moving, fast.

To see more voice-search stats, and so much more about the technology, check out the complete infographic. Let us know your thoughts and experience in the field, use our commenting section below to exchange with your peers.

Voice Search Infographic

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