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Email marketing has been around for a while, and for those who do not know, it is worth pointing out that it represents the practice of sending commercial messages to a group of people via email. It represents a smart marketing strategy that can help build brand awareness, trust and loyalty, while also increasing the percentage of conversions and of revisiting users. Read more about Email Marketing Facts which will let you think twice, why are you actual not doing more email marketing.

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In a broader sense, all emails sent to a potential business partner or customers is a form of email marketing, as these emails can be sent out for various purposes, such as encouraging repeat business, convincing customers to purchase a new item or service, sharing third-party ads, but also enhancing the merchant’s relationship with a past customer.

This infographic presented by will provide you with a total of 119 Email Marketing Facts and strategy, while also sharing tonnes of interesting stats that will help you better understand the niche. Apart from this aspect, you’ll also get the opportunity to view studies, learn what works, what doesn’t, and what you should do to ensure that your email marketing campaign turns out to be successful, rather than a nuisance to your customers.

Also like any other modern communication channel, email marketing is focusing on mobile first. Be sure if you layout a campaign that you check the result and test it on mobile devices before hitting the send button. Remember that iOS and Android have some limitations and it is better to stick to basic design elements than fancy overlays which work maybe only on desktop clients.

Email Marketing is depending as much as any other digital marketing discipline from Big Data.

Assembling your email content does not mean all fits for everyone, content can deliver the right result when it is personalized for each recipient says also the infographic. 44% of asked people confirm to purchase based on personalized messaging.

Omni Channel and Big Data are buzz words of the industry. They are still valid when it comes to personalization and demographics of an email campaign. Listing to our audience lets us learn what they do with their email and what the don’t do. Audience behavior and the listing is Big Data – the lesson learned – does also rely on the email marketing channel. 

We’ve pulled out a few to test your email marketing facts knowledge:

1. How many billion emails are sent on average each day? A) 126 B) 156 C) 196

2. Which type of email has the best open rates? A) Newsletter B) Abandoned cart C) Inactive customer

3. ___% of email is opened on a mobile device. A) 25 B) 55 C) 80 If you selected C (196), B (Abandoned cart), and B (55), respectively, then you do know a little something about email.


Check out the infographic for much more Email Marketing Facts and about unsubscribe rates, automation, personalization, case studies, and other email-related facts and figures. Let’s us know which facts surprised you and could bring you forward to use more email marketing in the future. Use the commenting below and start the dialogue with your peers

119 Email Marketing Facts You Don’t Know About

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