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From its launch in 2010 to its acquisition by Facebook in 2012 and its 600 million-user milestone, Instagram has grown into a social media phenomenon, time to review some statistics and Instagram facts.


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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Instagram is a mobile photography application that facebook acquired for 1 billion in 2012. Let’s see how all started and lead to the big take over and how the company is doing now. This is 139 Instagram facts and stats about the app that shook the mobile photography world “Instagram”., which helps people figure out which website builder to use, created an infographic that highlights 139 facts and stats about the photo-sharing platform.

The infographic shows the top emojis used on Instagram (the heart is number one), the top filters (Clarendon wins), the top Instagram accounts (surprise… the most popular account isn’t a celebrity!), and much more. All is illustrated over a timeline from the beginnings 2010, the first 1 million users, the first release of the Andriod app, video sharing, introducing ads, photo tagging, and much more.

It dives into demographics, gives tips on how to use the platform for

marketing, and breaks down the accounts with the most followers in sports and politics.

We couldn’t fit all 139 Instagram Facts and stats on this page, so see the infographic below:

Infographic 139 Stats and Instagram Facts
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