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The world of blogging has changed a lot over the last few decades, from the days of personal blogs to the world of businesses and brands writing to wring every last drop of content out of every subject imaginable. Blogging in 2020 might be different than in the good old days.

These days, blogging has become such a saturated industry that you can intuitively recognize some inherent facts about it, just from exposure.

For example, it’s obvious that blog posts with images are more likely to get engagement, visitors, shares, and the like. 94% more, to be precise, based on industry statistics. Longer posts, with more depth and more value (so long as they’re presented in a well-written way), generate more interest and more leads than shorter posts.

So why is it, then, that so many businesses out there decide that writing blogs should be a minimal effort project? It’s astonishing how many brands assign their blog to a single intern or make it a side project of some IT worker rather than hiring a dedicated blog manager.

There is an incredible number of blog posts published every single day. Just on WordPress alone, new posts are published at a rate of around 27 per second, for a total of over 70 million per month. Factoring in all of the other blogging platforms, like Tumblr, Medium, and Blogger, that number skyrockets.

So why is it that blogging is still so effective? The fact is, even with so many blog posts being published every month, the number of views is so much higher. Again on WordPress, over 21 billion articles are read every month.

And yet, the bar is low.  Only 1 in 5 new blog posts is over 750 words in length, though with most popular word count ranges between 900 and 1,400, that number will eventually rise.

Putting a little effort into blogging and writing long-form content 1,500 words or more is incredibly valuable.

How valuable?  Well, consider this: long, in-depth content generates 900% more leads than shorter content.  Even just publishing one blog post each week is enough to boost a website’s visibility and credibility through the roof.

Take two nearly identical companies; one of them regularly produces useful how-to articles, guides, and information around their products and services, and the other has a very thin site with little content – which are you more likely to buy from? The act of simply keeping your site up to date and publishing fresh content speaks wonders about the owners of the company and the passion they hold for it.

Did you know that 70% of consumers cite a blog as a major factor in determining the credibility of a website?  Furthermore, one in three consumer rank blogs as the number one most important factor in credibility!  So yes, while it may seem like there’s a near-infinite press of content to compete with, it’s still worthwhile even today.

Capturing even just a small share of that interest is phenomenal for small businesses. Getting a few thousand new views can be enough to make the difference between profit and loss for many brands. So why not focus on a blog in 2020 and beyond? 65% of marketers plan to increase their blogging efforts this year. Are you one of them?

If you decide to get started with WordPress we can help you with a quick start. Read more about the reason why you can consider it also for your business, the infographic prepared by Contentpowered, gives you a lot of insides and the reason why blogging in 2020 is still on the top.

Infographic Blogging in 2020
Hi! I’m James Parsons. I’m known in marketing circles for my content marketing and SEO expertise. I write for several major publications about blogging and business strategy, and run a small handful of internet-based businesses. I enjoy buying and selling domains, designing websites and coding them (like this one), and creating new useful products for small businesses and individuals. I’ve been mentioned on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and dozens of other major publications, and my work has been seen by millions of people across the web.

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