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World Emoji Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on July 17. The day is deemed a “global celebration of emoji” and is celebrated with emoji events and product releases. Celebrated annually since 2014. The purpose of World Emoji Day is to promote the use emojis and spread the enjoyment that they bring to all of those around us.

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Dieter Hovorka

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2017 Happy World Emoji Day fellow people of the internet.

July 17 ? is World Emoji Day ? so let’s spread some emojintelligence (sorry ?) around! Emojis can have multiple ? uses and appearances ?‍? yet each has an official name ? or an intended ? reason for encoding.

Before we celebrate this year’s world emoji day let us take a look back in history. World Emoji Day is the brainchild of Jeremy Burge, according to CNBC who stated that the London-based founder of Emojipedia created it back in 2014.

The New York Times reported that Burge created this on July 17, based on the way the calendar emoji is shown on iPhones. For the first World Emoji Day, Burge told The Independent; “there were no formal plans put in place” other than choosing the date.

But let’s take a look at some statistics on this day.

Number of Emojis

In total there are 2,666 emojis in the Unicode Standard as of May 2017. This includes some sequences for gender or skin tone, flags, and the components that are used to create keycap, flag, and other sequences.

Emoji Usage

The most popular emojis on Emojipedia in 2016 were:


5 Billion Emojis Sent Daily on Messenger

Facebook has released new statistics to coincide with World Emoji Day showing an average of 5 billion emojis sent each day on Messenger.

This makes the otherwise-impressive figure of 60 million emojis being sent on Facebook look rather quaint by comparison.

Another interesting comparison between the privacy-focussed Messenger and the more open Facebook is the difference in emojis used.

While evergreen ? Face With Tears of Joy is most popular on Facebook, this data shows more people sending hearts when in the privacy of Messenger.

Further more we look into The top 10 emojis used on Facebook, both on the Messenger and actual Facebook.

There’s so much going on that I encourage you to check out the @WorldEmojiDay accounts on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram for the latest.

To honor and celebrate the day we putted a infographic together “2017 Happy World Emoji Day”, read below.

Infographic 2017 Happy World Emoji Day

Finally 2017 Happy World Emoji Day

Lastly for a bit of a challenge, we worked with Merriam Webster on an emoji quiz to sort the emoji experts from the rest.

Let’s start with the question, which emoji used to exist on iOS but has been removed? Was it Shibuya 109 Department Store, Mount Rushmore, Great Pyramid of Giza or Sydney Opera House. Actually, when you take the quiz, the order is random. So you could start anywhere.

Jimmy Fallon gave us in the NBC, Tonight Show an idea where some of the Emoji’s are inspired from. 

The new pack includes a sandwich, zombie, elf and dinosaur.

In light of World Emoji Day, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that several new emojis will be released later this year.

The emoji update will be available on all iOS, MacOS and WatchOS devices, and include a range of new smiley faces, people, animals and food.

Cook made the announcement on Twitter, with a gif preview of some of the new emojis to be released.

Emoji Pack Apple update 2017

The new pack includes more conventional images such as a woman wearing a headscarf, a yogi, a coconut and a sandwich, as well as mythical creatures including an elf and zombie.

The official Twitter page for The Walking Dead has expressed enthusiasm for the update, commenting: “#Apple is adding this zombie emoji to iOS11! Best #WorldEmojiDay ever”


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