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When did you make your last pitch? What did you use, are you already a millennial which settle more on video, or are you still mastering your full animated, extraordinary powerpoint graphics? Happy 30th Birthday PowerPoint, you are not old, you are also maybe not yet old fashion.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”

Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

Some people make critical decisions in their baths, some make their bathroom a comfort zone, some their personal space, and there are those who embrace it as their kingdom of their freedom in their liberation of thoughts.

Who amongst a billion could have had to imagine that while some people think about shampoo and conditioner, Robert Gaskin thought of the name “PowerPoint” whilst taking a shower to name a super powerful tool that will be dominating visions of unimaginably creative diagramed projection one day? Originally designed by Macintosh and developed for a multi-billion company of today called Microsoft. A tool that will be synonymous with the world’s Intellectual creativity in business presentation.

A couple months back, on April 20,
the software turned 30 years old. 

Glisser, an audience participation software, put together a timeline homage to PowerPoint, sharing its history from 1984 – before it was officially PowerPoint – through the present day.

The infographic contains little-known facts, such as that “PowerPoint was originally created to make it easier to prepare actual 35mm overhead projector transparencies,” and that the US Army distributes “1,000 hours PowerPoint” patches to staff officers who use the software a lot.

So if that’s the history of PowerPoint, what’s the future? We’ll see what the next 30 years bring.

For now, check out the infographic, “Happy 30th Birthday PowerPoint – the history of Powepoint”, to see the evolution over three decades.

Happy 30th Birthday Powerpoint

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