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Powtoon has recently released an eBook with the 40 Insane Video Stats you need to Ingest in 2018. With social media platforms implementing Stories which are live videos from their user’s Video consumption jumped in the usage statistics up.

For marketers, Video is getting essential to succeed. More than this is Videos need to engage with the audience to be successful. People do remember quickly when the content is boring and mind the channel. Now having this consumer behavior shift does bring its challenges and of course opportunities. Those who invest in the proper usage of it will earn the benefits of online Video. But before we go into the route of talking about engaging content, let’s see what the team of Powtoon put for us together.

Be honest with yourself

From the first step out of bed, drinking your coffee and making yourself ready for the day, how many online videos did you consume until you read this article?

Take your minute and think about it one more time. If your fingers are not enough to count, let’s assume 10 different videos and many minutes of your life.

By the way, if I say online videos I talk about any of your devices like mobile, gaming console, TV which is connected to the internet and streams videos from social media channels or websites like blogs or even Youtube or Vimeo. Summing it up, the time spend I make now a wild guess, it might come up to 1 hour.

Fact: How much time we spend watching Video

Forbes published the number recently, one-third of all the time people spend online is dedicated to watching videos. Now put this in relation to the U.S. adult citizen it means an average is one hour and 17 minutes a day, according to Insideradio.

Compared to the complete online time we spend with email, social networks, podcasts, online radio, playing with apps and reading articles — watching video is already over 30 percent of that usage.

From a marketing and sales perspective, this is an INSANE figure.

To outlook is even saying that over the next coming two years this figure is expected to grow by 10 minutes for each adult U.S. citizen. Is this healthy for our social life or society?

Social Media and Insane Video Stats

Let’s have a look where it all happens, where do we spend our time online watching Video? Of course, YouTube is a hot spot for videos and clips.

When it comes to YouTube, the numbers speak for themselves loud and proud:

  • YouTube is the #2 search engine and the world’s largest video sharing platform
  • YouTube users who start at the homepage to “see what’s on” has increased 300 percent over the last years
  • For the 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds demographic, YouTube trumps every cable network in the U.S.
  • In average a YouTube viewer spends 40 minutes on his mobile watching video

Over 59 percent of the world’s top brands are now actively posting Instagram video content; And when they advertise, 25 percent of those ads are video.

Facebook implemented live video for stories and their users spend 300% more time on watching a video than anything else. This is a clear message for the trend and we can say, this is an INSANE figure.

But keep calm in case you have only recorded video. According to Entrepreneur, live video will not replace the recorded video.

What’s up with Influencer

Vlogging is maybe the buzz we can see, blogger migrating to video influencer. This sector is currently estimated at $1.3 billion per year.

As the name implies, video influencer videos place the focus of their content on influential people; the Ronaldos and Martha Stewarts and Neil Degrasse Tysons of the world. But influencers are not focussing on superstars only. Experts in their fields who build their reputation with video are all the rage most of them are the self-made marketing gurus of our time.

What are all this insane video stats mean for us?

Walking through all this statistics is telling us the growth and emerging ubiquity of online video. We did not have a chance to look behind this message. What does it mean for marketing for brands, companies and us? In the moment Video is leading the game and brings diverse returns on your investment. It builds trust and loyalty with our audience. And don’t forget, it’s not just marketers who will benefit from live video and video.

Online video is a big deal, for all of us. The one who did not tap into this arena should get started, and those who already there … Respect!

Don’t forget, as I always say, keep fine-tuning your online video strategy as also your markeitng strategy.

A summary of the eBook you can see below, just scroll down to see the infographic illustrating the power of online video and the insane video stats.


40 Insane Video Stats You Need to Ingest in 2018
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