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Startups or even well-established organizations are more and more into hiring experts as a freelancer. Also in most of the cases, creative heads don’t fit into an organizational structure and are hard to integrate into teams. Now fair to say you should understand which freelancer type does exist.

Digital Marketing is not anymore like traditional marketing. In the era of digital transformation happening everywhere, marketers want a proof of their investment.

Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Be honest, do you interview a freelancer the same way as a potential employee? Well in most of the cases they are recommended by someone or have a good reputation on the market right? Well, not always we can rely on this type of members extending our team or even do jobs for us which are not our core competence. If it goes out of our core competence we tend to overlook some major facts.

Earlier 2017, LinkedIn ProFinder partnered with Intuit to create an animated infographic that explains five Freelancer Types: Side Giggers, Substituters, Career Freelancers, Business Builders, and Passionistas … sounds great, doesn’t it?

Well, believe me, it is worthwhile to understand the difference and the next time you hire a freelancer you will look into it closer than before. Still, their work represents your brand and company so make sure you have not a trojan horse in your organization.

Freelancers have not the same work structure than your company or core team. The infographic highlights differences between each type, such as what motivates them and how satisfied they are with their work, as well as the percentage of their total incomes generated by their current gigs.

Higher educated people are more likely to accept freelancer jobs which they love versus income stream, we call this Freelancer Types “Passionistas”.  

No surprise that financial aspects are leading the reason why people tend to freelance. I personally might like most the Passionistas since they are looking for gigs which they love. Also, I found myself also on the long list of Business Builders who still want to learn but might not like reporting structures and hierarchical structures in organizations.

Let us know about your experience and observations working with freelancers. Which Freelancer Types did you identify in your team? Leave your comments below.

5 Faces of Freelancer Types
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