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 Emails Your eCommerce Store requires You to send Today

Are you hesitating about incorporating emails into your online marketing strategy? Think that this method is past its prime? Well, think again. To get successful with your eCommerce Store you might want to consider it.

With all the hype surrounding social media in recent years, it’s easy to forget that email remains the most potent channel for driving business today. The reason why is maybe not visible for everyone as we speak.

Because people prefer to receive emails from companies – more than any other form of communication. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true. A study last year from MarketingSherpa found that 72% of American adults prefer to communicate with companies via email – that’s more than social media, text messages, and phone calls combined.

Call me old fashion but when I traveled for the first time in my life to the US, back in 1991, for business, I was surprised. The country with no limits was technology-wise in the 70s stuck. This might indicate why in the US the preferred communication method is still email. While in Europe courts and lawyers are spending more time on email spammer than people reading them.

One of the biggest reasons why customers prefer emails over other promotion channels is personalization. Marketing emails can be highly personalized, down an individual user level, which is appreciated by prospects and customers.

Email remains a flexible and almost universal messaging medium. It transcends the walled digital gardens that are social networks. It is direct and simple in its approach, and it continues to adapt amid an evolving marketplace.

Email marketing allows us to send longer, targeted messages to our leads and customers, no matter where they are situated in the buying lifecycle.

The Global reach of your eCommerce Store

One of my favorite reasons is, email allows us to promote a business everywhere because it has a global reach. There is no border control or limits. Regardless of the location of your organization, emails can reach the audience in any country of the world without any additional costs. All that, at a fraction of the cost of social media marketing.

Whether you’re an eCommerce store owner looking to get started with email marketing, or an online marketer in need of more knowledge, you’ll find this guide helpful.

The Infographic is a summary from an article written by Brian Kelly for Kissmetrics, it shall be a summary card representing his tips to all stages of your email campaign. Enjoy the Infographic and bookmark it ‘7 Emails Your eCommerce Store requires you to send Today’

Infographic 7 Emails Your eCommerce Store requires to be send Today
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