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Nearly three-quarters of visitors to retail websites abandon their shopping carts, according to an infographic. Abandon Online Shopping Carts costs an organization a lot, but investing into bringing visitors back can result quickly into conversion.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Imagine if shopping in the real world where the same as shopping online. You walk into a supermarket or a department store, start filling up your shopping cart, only to be suddenly distracted by a baby playing with a nerf gun in Aisle 2. You promptly forget about whatever it is you were thinking of buying, watch the baby for a while, then walk out of the store.

However, this happens all the time in the world of e-commerce online. The typical buyer of today might not end up to be actually a buyer, something pops up and they forget to finish the transaction, not personal hesitation and bad feeling to be unloyal or respectful like in the real store.

This is what shopping cart abandonment is. Shopping cart abandonment is when buyers ad an item or items to a website’s shopping cart, but leave before finishing the transaction.

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of visitors to retail websites abandon their shopping carts, according to an infographic created by remarketing company SaleCycle.

Imagine if just a small percentage of those abandoners returned to buy—and what that would mean for revenue. If site visitors start to abandon online shopping carts it could mean a lot of things, but one of it is for sure. They experienced a bad user experience.

To make that happen, it would behoove marketers to see why people are abandoning their carts. Though reasons vary by industry, overall 23% of abandoners say they had an issue with shipping, 18% wanted to compare prices, and 15% decided to buy in a store.

Let’s have a look at some retail abandonment rates. The stats show that 74% of retail visitors who add something to their cart will leave without hitting the crucial purchase button. It might vary a little based on the actual product segment – 77.4% abandonment grocery, 78.8% consumer electronics, 68.2% health and beauty, 68.6% fashion, 75.1% automotive and 74.3% home products.

Knowing that marketers can take actions such as providing price guarantees to reduce comparison-shopping, and offering on-site service to encourage visitors to work out issues in that moment rather than going elsewhere. In the end of the day, how could we avoid customers to abandon their shopping cart? This is really the question we need to answer. Marketing solutions out there are specializing on exactly this phenomenon and promise us to take care about this.

For more stats on abandonment rates by industry and tips on what marketers can do about abandonments, check out the infographic.

Why People Abandon Online Shopping Carts and What to Do About It

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