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About Us Pages and what is the Science behind making it great? So you’re planning to implement great About Us pages starting from product proposition, to use testimonials, positive reviews, CTA, include contact information so on and forth this infographic best explains the way for you.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”

Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

All too often, the About Us pages of a website is brushed aside, filled with a block of text about the company’s history, and left to grow stale.

Big mistake. Because aside from representing your brand, the “About Us” page can also help drive customers to purchase, say the folks at Siege Media. They created a list of 50 Inspiring ‘About Us’ Page Examples and note that customers who view your “About Us” page spend 22.5% more than those who don’t.

The content marketing agency analyzed 50 “About Us” pages to see what made them good, and inspiration from those pages complies into one infographic.

About Us has migrated to the central information hub which can cover elements like contact details, vision, mission or even client testimonials. 

The page doesn’t have to be just a literal history of your company or its board, and so the infographic suggests using elements like testimonials and videos, and even including a call to action.

you will see that Clients who view your About Us pages will spend more than a quarter more than they spend time than those that don’t. According to Blue Acorn, those who view it are 5x more likely to make a purchase too.

About Us Pages And The Science Behind It [Infographic]

Some Components To Make The Science of  Great About Us Pages

Tell a Great Story – Telling a great story with words, video, or even a timeline helps evoke an emotional response in the customer, which is proven to increase their intent to buy.

Build Trust Through Photos – Showing photos of the founders or team members helps convey that the company is full of real, relatable people that you can trust with your business.

Clear Value Proposition – Providing a simple, clear value proposition is the easiest way to get a user’s attention.

Establish Credibility – To appear credible in the eyes of your customers, you can show off reviews, testimonials, or if you are a web design site, showcase your skills on the page itself.

Clear Call-to-Action – Always tell the customer what to do next. This can be with an actual button, or by providing your contact information so they know how to get in touch.

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