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Adobe Premiere Pro’s birthday blast! Yes! This year we’ve all been a part celebrating its 25th Birthday and still going stronger. Adobe Premiere Pro Flashback with Skillz Middle East’s creative innovators and attendees.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”
Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

Empowering and inspiring the global community that has supported Adobe Premiere Pro for the past quarter-century. Adobe Premiere Pro went way far successful setting out to offer both professionals and aspiring creative innovators. A unique opportunity to showcase their editing talents in Dubai for the very first time.

To commemorate this milestone, we’ve lined up an impressive roster of versatile guests that includes an award-winning screenwriter and film director Maxim Jago who successfully highlighted the event. 

A futurist that has been a motivational speaker around the world authored over 30 media technology books and video courses. A prominent film director who directed 40 films and in the span of a decade trained creative technology innovators in their field. Furthermore, Ph.D. in Metaphysics Jago, anchored and conveyed several topics outlining new hidden features. He displayed techniques for maximizing the productivity of Adobe Premiere Pro to the crowd of more than over 65 attendees.

The creative enthusiasts have been inspired to try their hand at editing using some new techniques for their skill set enhancement of utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro. The Skillz Middle East’s attendees showed their cutting-edge skill set on the spot with the collaboration of their computer devices to interactively support Jago. As he interactively been leading the pack of aspiring creative innovators and professionals. Despite the play though, attendees sample touches were unfortunately not submitted at the end of the event.

Adobe Premiere Pro Flashback for Adobe Premiere Pro Workshop in Dubai

How it all started, in Adobe Premiere Pro’s 25th Blow

The event started with the welcoming words of Skillz Middle East CTO, Dieter Hovorka. A warm welcoming message to the most enthusiastic crowd ever, paying well all our team efforts to see responses as such. A crowd full of excitement and anticipation to dissect Adobe Premiere Pro, from aspiring innovators to international filmmakers. A mixture of creative aspirants, creative professionals, creative editors, director of photographies and successful filmmakers both local and internationally.


Adobe Premiere Pro Flashback Speaker Maxim Jago Daniel Cheong

The introduction was with a pinch of segue introducing our swift miniatures. Bits of the mystery why a setup of remote-controlled circuit cars were displayed on the left side of the venue which fed the participant’s curiosity. During breaks, the pack of creative wolves enjoyed as they take time taking their videos and photos. The swift subjects were the remote-controlled supercharged racing mini sports cars rushing in 5 lapses of every set. The competitors of three determined challengers beating each other in different race tracks for the win. And these favorite mini replicas served as amusement during the breaks.

At Skillz Middle East, the Team of 12 made the event successful and fun whilst sharing the opportunity to assist creative clients and guests. A reflection on the evolution of Adobe Creative Cloud, videos and expertise to explore what lies ahead. The crowd had fun and was inspired by our clients amped by our evangelists, who spoke about the details of the new features. And the workflow enhancements of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Did you miss it? Don’t worry watch the 360 degree recording. 

The Showcasing of digital blending odyssey using Adobe Premiere Pro Flashback by Nikon

Nikon the eighth-largest chip equipment makers reported in 2017 made possible a digital blending odyssey.  This well-known world’s second-largest manufacturers of cameras, camera lenses, microscopes and more was also a big part of the event. The more I personally kept track and listened to the speakers, I have personally enjoyed what I have learned about digital photography. That is, keeping up as a photographer is an interesting, vexing, sorta kinda full of time thing to do. And not just for me, It’s also a fun news to most savvy Nikon users.

Most noteworthy, Nikon imparted HIPA 2015 award-winning Daniel Cheong expert in night photography to showcase his work in digital blending photography.

Cheong spoke and showcase his work taken the Nikon savvy in a unique experience. Through a series of discussions on how to make these award-winning photography achieve its fame in digital blending photography. Some of which is how to develop different exposures in Adobe camera raw.

He then partially spoke about layer masking/paintbrush basics, how he has used opacity and flow and multiple exposures in digital blending. He then kept them hyped with some tips on how he used blending modes to blend multiple exposures some about focus stacking. Daniel explored discussing the usefulness to combine light trails, also fireworks and much more. But Nikon didn’t just stop thereby informatively showcasing their experts but also gave the Nikon savvy, litho printed chic bags for taking outs.

The Leader in Visual Technology In Full Details with Adobe Premiere Pro Flashback

The Leader of Visual Technology Company called EIZO enlighted the event artistically with their accelerated high-end display products and solutions with perfect graphics. Creating imaging solutions that enriched the enthusiasts with professional visuals on the left side of the venue enticing the attendees to explore visual perfection in creative action. Through the pursuit of video editing alongside other applications such as Adobe, Photoshop attendees had the opportunity to interact with tech-savvy EIZO’s finest creative representatives. Enthusiasts had their opportunity to dive deeper into what’s hot and new for all creative video and audio tools.

Adobe Premier Pro Workshop Event Page

Check the event page for photo gallery, agenda and some more information.

Adobe System’s Confetti in Adobe Premiere Pro Flashback

Adobe birthdays can’t be over without sharing their confetti. One of their top Sr. Business Manager Joe Karkour, at Adobe systems MENA vigorously assisted the event.

The same way that Mohammad Salem have silently worked from “Behind The Scenes” (company name). Appointed by Sheikh Mohammad Al Maktoum to support the creative young aspirants to be a go getter. Building grit to fulfill their aspirations to be known one day as the most famous film producers for the forge of Mohammad Salem.

Skillz Middle East’s Box of Fun Filled Prices in Adobe Premiere Pro Flashback

Congratulations to all the Winners! 

Adobe Premiere Pro Flashback Winner

Yes, you heard it right! Skillz Middle East celebrated Adobe Premiere Pro’s 25th birthday with a blast and have drawn 3 exciting prizes to hype the event even more! And with that, we have been so thrilled to announce the winners! To start the list is Jasper Torilla who predominated the chain of luck as the victor, winning The Wanderlust’s blueprint. The bookworm paraphernalia hand signed by the author, famous Film director Maxim Jago award is given to James Newman. The electronic stylographic ink and slide tool won by Tiffany Schultz for her future design with Adobe mobile apps on her iPad.

Adobe Premiere Pro Flashback Team Skillz Middle East and Adobe

Adobe Premiere Pro Flashback

“A big thanks for the great event, Skillz Middle East & Adobe”

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