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Think you know everything about Dubai? Here are 10 amazing facts about Dubai that you may have missed out on. Dubai facts include it’s 2.5 million population as of June 17, 2017, at about 14:30. Read along for more Amazing Dubai facts.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”

Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

Dubai is a tiny city nestled along the Arabian Gulf on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula and part of the tiny oil-rich country called the United Arab Emirates.

Before an introduction is made….How much do you know Dubai with its tiny bit of Facts? 

Over a course of just a few decades, it has transformed itself from a seed of sand about the size of Rhode Island into the Singapore of the Middle East. It’s a political, economic and financial success story in the Region towards by conflict it is all towards a vision of one man. The Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Everyone adore the humility and energy of this man.

And it is in the near future, that we’d look forward to shaking his hands and express our gratitude for beyond a world class experience we all continue to have because of his Superior vision.

As a Transient, Expat, or Tourist, you can say that no matter how many articles you read, or how many pictures you see they don’t quite capture the enormity and the Energy of Dubai. As it is the physical manifestation of Arab oil’s wealth. Sudden concrete, glass, and steel.

A Place so Ambitious that it is changing the geography of the world. As the Top Business Center (DIFC Dubai International Financial Center) Transportation Hub and the Tourist Destination of the 21st Century. Seeing all the sites we visit this sure is the “Largest construction site in the world, for its nonstop grilling, digging with a reported 300 Billion USD project.

“The Dream to become Modern Efficient and powered Arab city, with Fine Restaurants that we’ve all loved, Vibrant nightlife both a playground and a business capital of the new Middle East. Which reminds us all of our  Dreams. As we  always say..”Don’t let other people tell you that your dreams are BIG…They may just all think Small.

Can you imagine a Crimeless City? Dubai is well known to be virtually zero across the city for the crime rate. Dubai is one of the safest places on earth!

While Dubai’s economy was built on oil the Emirate now relies on tourism, trade and real estate to keep the money flowing.

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10 Amazing Facts About Dubai

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