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Contact centers and customer experience are particularly interesting starting points for implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. As they deal with customer information, they generate large amounts of data that can’t be processed manually. Learn today how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the contact center. 

Breakthroughs in technologies like natural language processing (NLP) offer huge opportunities to improve contact center accuracy while increasing profitability.

AI has been the subject of speculation for many years and recent developments in data collection and analysis are creating a lot of buzz. However – AI lives in the age of hype. Sometimes it meets expectations, and sometimes it doesn’t.

But what about AI and automation? Businesses have used automation for every from automated data entry to automated pizza delivery. The customer service industry is already reaping the benefits of this technology and related call center technologies.

Many experts believe that most customer interactions will be handled by automated AI before the end of the last decade.

How AI Is Already Changing Contact Centers 

Today, nearly every industry and sector has high hopes for AI tech and its applications. Cloud Contact Center AI is especially ready to benefit from this brave new world and the opportunities that present themselves. Artificial Intelligence is transforming our conversation to the next level and into a new interactive era of customer service. 

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Contact Center


The response speed of an automated system is very fast, even to the point of providing preemptive contact center service. AI can predict customer needs based on online and in-app activities. It can then identify issues and resolve them through virtual service agents or FAQ pages.

Over time, these predictions will become more powerful, increasing customer satisfaction and dramatically reducing abandon rates.


Human performance is often affected by the health and emotions of individual people. But AI is always at its best –  no emotions to interfere with good customer service!

Consistent, high-quality service inevitably helps the company get more business more frequently. As AI gets smarter, these interactions are going to improve.

24/7 Availability 

Regardless of the time zone or holidays, automatic customer service is always available. This means that customers can use around-the-clock services to resolve issues and improve customer satisfaction, trust, and retention.


AI recommendations have led to the optimization of key metrics that define daily contact center performance.

For example, you can improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSat) by eliminating search and referral tasks, thus reducing the pressure on agents.

Customer Intelligence 

It’s important to know the customer as well as possible before you contact them. With the large amount of information stored in call center CRM, you can find more information about your customers.

You need to be able to analyze it and understand their preferences, needs, sociology, demographics, and even psychology.


Contact centers continue to accumulate, generate, and process large amounts of data. If something goes wrong, automated AI systems can send alerts to specific data points. For example, real-time error recognition can reduce training in the short and long term.


AI can produce a highly personalized customer experience based on customer data. From product recommendations based on website layouts to previous purchases, artificial intelligence can help you optimize CSat.

Over time this personalization will become more complex; customer satisfaction will increase, and customers will make more repeat purchases.

Contact Center Intelligence 

The promise of Artificial Intelligence is transforming the contact center and pushing customers to experience excellence boundaries. Implementing AI software at all levels can bring appropriate enhancements to the role of a cloud contact center, technical systems, and operations.

This rapidly evolving AI wave is a great opportunity for CX leaders to quickly adopt cutting-edge technologies to bring contact centers to the AI revolution.


Relying on AI to collect data from billions of interactions can lead to actionable discoveries and customer insights, facilitate predictive recommendations, and optimize agent and contact center efficiency.

People and Operations 

Finally, you can improve the end customer experience by injecting Artificial Intelligence software to help all the major roles in your cloud contact center. It uses agents to deliver information and assistance to customers through AI and provides supervisors with key performance indicators to improve agent performance.

Automation, outlier detection, optimization, marketing automation, routing, and virtual agency are all business operations stages where artificial intelligence can help.

For years, businesses have used applications and web pages to automate some of their customer services. Now you can use other channels without changing customer habits.

Since the AI voice agent can answer one or 10,000 calls without planning or staffing, it can achieve long-term recovery in terms of spend and availability.

Lemuel Operario is a Freelance Digital Marketing and SEO Expert, Blogger and an aspiring writer.
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