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podcast | Skillz Middle East
podcast | Skillz Middle East
B2B Content Marketing Funnel [Inforgraphic]

Where are the good old day’s products alone could attract customer attention? Marketers today need content marketing funnel to satisfy potential customers’ voraciously appetite for information and social acceptance.

Content Marketing Funnels
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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

A lesson learned for B2B content marketers represents the three stages of the B2B content marketing funnel. This ensures that they are addressing the content towards their audience which will result in interest and sales. Let’s get started and have a look.

1. The Top of the Funnel

Creating awareness is the principal to get your funnel started. Either it’s about your business or your product if you build your audience they need to see you.

The content should focus on making your target audience understand what you can do for them. We can also say, ‘Did you know …’ which is maybe taking care of a problem you and your product are resolving and how your solution is different from the others.

Blog posts, create infographics, product-demo videos, guest posts, whitepapers, and social media posts are some of the ways you can create awareness.

2. The Middle of the Funnel

The center stage of the B2B content marketing funnel is building customer engagement and starts a two-way communication.

Well, you have seeded the knowledge to your audience and now you are ready to harvest the success of your efforts. The content in this stage shall help you help and your future customers to evaluate and build trust.

Webinars, e-books, executive guides, and case studies are some of the ways you can deepen customer engagement.

3. The Bottom of the Funnel

While the center stage sounds most import we should focus more on this stage of the B2B content marketing funnel which is perhaps the most important. Your final step comes from converting your potential buyers to actual customers.

The content in this stage should create authenticity and trust which is key to harvest the trust you reached and your fans will be loyal to reward you with a purchase. Personal interactions, phone consultations, product demos, customer reviews, and testimonials are some of the ways that ensure lead conversion.

This stage is where you discover how successful your content marketing has been and don’t forget to get your referral of your loyal customer to feed as testimonials in your next funnel building cycle. You can always go back and make changes if you do not gain the desired results.

Now it’s your turn to practice lessons learned, read the complete guide about B2B content marketing funnel, check out this infographic from

B2B Content Marketing Funnels infographic

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