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B2B content marketing is still playing catch up to B2C marketers. To effectively reach audiences organically, 828 marketers are using a mix of digital channels such as email, as well as social networks such as LinkedIn and YouTube. Read today how B2B marketers try to fix their content marketing mission.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Content marketing in the Digital World has been mandatory among B2C companies for the last years, and B2B firms still struggle but are catching up quickly.

Still, they are trying to understand how to prepare their digital marketing content to address the right audience, and wide adoption of the strategy, many B2B companies are unsure which tactics work best.

Most firms are now consistently creating a range of different pieces, from blog posts to videos. Yet, despite the popularity of content, many B2B marketers still don’t have a good sense of what’s working and what’s not. The approach is so new and so in flux that It’s often hard to get a broad understanding of what the competition is doing and which tactics are succeeding.

MDG Advertising examined behind the scene in a recent report to determine six key B2B content marketing approaches. The idea is to help brands to grow their businesses in the year ahead.

In conclusion, we can read that B2B Content Marketing Is Popular but still maturing. To start, it’s worth noting that content marketing has firmly shifted from being an emerging marketing tactic to an established one. The vast majority of B2B firms are now creating content.

87% of B2B companies in the U.S. engage in content marketing. 

However, while content creation has become common with B2B companies, it still accounts for a relatively modest share of most firms’ annual marketing budget.

Content Effectively Sparks Lead Generation, why are B2B firms investing more and more budget for content marketing? Because it works. Specifically, it’s helping companies achieve an essential goal: improving lead generation. 80% of 828 marketers say lead generation is a major content goal. Content is especially effective in converting online visitors into leads. 828 marketers say web forms that offer content downloads outperform other offers, such as demos and free trials.

It is not new but it might require us to pay more attention, content success starts with goals. A Plan, and Measurement, while there’s no one secret to 828 content marketing success, there are a few things that have been proven to work. First among these is to explicitly outline why content is being created.

Content to needs to be High Quality and credible. As the market is flooded with more content, focusing on quantity over quality is no longer an effective approach. Content must be valuable and reliable to resonate with target audiences. 75% of B2B buyers say they increasingly look for content that’s trustworthy. Most B2B buyers are agnostic about where their content comes from or even prefer pieces from vendors. However, they very much want their sources of information to be dependable.

A clear mission is that different content formats Serve different roles. Which types of content pieces should you be creating? Is there a particular channel you should concentrate on? For most B28 firms, the answer Is a mix rather than picking just one or two.

Finally, we can learn, reaching Audiences Is as Important as Content Creation. “If you build it, they will come” does not hold true for content. To succeed, B2B firms need to work hard to engage audiences. This Includes using a mix of owned, earned, and paid approaches.

Check out the infographic and read all details. 

Six Important Points About the State of B2B Content Marketing

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