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Twitter is going through a rough phase in the last year after the takeover from Elon Musk. That’s when Mark Zukcderberg decided to strike while the iron is hot by introducing Twitter competitor’s app, Threads.

Mark’s vision with Threads is to take what Instagram is best at and expand that to text. Functionality-wise, Instagram Threads is similar to Twitter, with minor differences in what you can do and how you can do it. The main feature that separates Threads from Twitter is its decentralized ambitions.

So how does Threads work? Let’s dig overview into how you can use this and what the future holds for this Twitter rival.

What Are Threads In Instagram? Threads is a text-based decentralized social media platform that is closely connected to Instagram but in a separate application with seamless login via Instagram.

The first thing to know is that Instagram will bring your current followers to Threads. A major difference to Twitter’s rival is the fact that users can text up to 500 characters. Your posts on Threads can include links, images/photos, or videos (up to 5 minutes in length).

You share a Threads post back to your Instagram Story.

The first thing once you download the app is to create your profile, at this step, you can decide if you want to follow the same accounts as on Instagram. After the installation and your account creation your followers on Instagram will not automatically sync to Threads and vers visa.

If you have a verified profile on Instagram your Threads profile will show the same. However, if you want to change your profile pictures on Threads you will need to do this on Instagram. Your Threads profile will display the verification badge along with the rest of your profile information.

How To Post In Instagram Threads?

It’s as simple as this, click on the icon in the middle of your navbar at the bottom of the application, once you do that, you can start typing a message. In the same step, you can add already to the tread or click on the clip icon to attach a media file like a photo or video.

After you have written your post, you can choose who can respond to it from the menu you get by tapping Anyone can reply.

Once you are ready, click on the tap “Post”

How To Share In Instagram Threads?

While browsing your timeline, you can find it by clicking the first icon on your navbar, you will recognize the icons under each thread. You can use the emotion icons to like it, add a thread/message to it, repost (similar to retweet) it on your own timeline, or share it with the last icon somewhere else.

How To Share In Instagram Threads?

Similar to any other application or website you can tap the magnifying glass icon on the navbar to enter the account name you want to search for.

How Is Instagram Threads Similar & Different From Twitter?

One of the most different things is maybe the content that is selected for you to see. It is similar to the META algorithms which blend content from those who you like to hear from (which may not always be accurate).

You can’t post from the web content or browser-based content on Threads. The desktop interface allows you to browse Threads without signing in.

In Threads, hashtags are also missing, and the built-in search doesn’t make it easy to find interesting topics, you can only search for account names.

The usernames in Instagram and Threads stay always the same.

Is The Instagram Threads App Safe?

Similar to all other social media platforms, Threads does collect your user data. Meta, the parent company of Threads, has stated that apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp use this data to improve targeted advertising across all channels.

To finish today we have attached an infographic with a couple of facts about Threads.

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