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How does the color in your logo make your customers and prospects feel? Here’s a look at the emotions certain colors elicit and iconic business logos that use those colors. Read how big businesses use colors to affect your emotions and why some top logos can be dirt cheap.

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Blue summons images of the sky and sea, which makes people feel such emotions as comfort, understanding, clarity, calm, and trust, according to the FinancesOnline’s infographic.

“Green is associated with the harmony of nature,” states the infographic. “What you feel is calm, relaxed, trust, peaceful, and hopeful.”

Black conjures ideas of sophistication and boldness. “Black is associated with the formality and mystery of night,” suggests FinancesOnline.


Your branding dictates prospects’ expectations of your company, helping them decide whether to do business with you. According to the University of Loyola, Maryland, color increases brand recognition by a whopping 80%. Therefore, pick the right color for your business and maximize your revenue potential.

In the West, for example, and particularly in the US…

  • Blue is typically associated with strength, trustworthiness, and loyalty. That’s IBM, Lowe’s, AMEX, and Hewlett-Packard use blue logos and color schemes.
  • Orange is associated with fun, excitement, action, warmth, and passion. Nickelodeon, Amazon, Fanta Soda, and Firefox focus on orange.
  • Red stands for energy and power. It’s youthful and bold. Check out the red logos and color schemes of Coca-Cola, Virgin, Target, and Netflix.
  • Green is the color of wealth, and many financial services firms, including Fidelity, H&R Block, and TDAmeritrade, embrace it. It’s also the color of nature—think Animal Planet, Greenpeace, and Whole Foods—and can represent natural strength: Think Starbucks, Tropicana, and Monster Energy.
  • Yellow conveys happiness, optimism, and friendliness—while grabbing attention. Among the logos that use yellow are those of McDonald’s, Hertz, Nikon, Best Buy, and IKEA.
  • Pink is (stereo)typically seen as romantic and feminine, representing love and warmth. Pink logos include PINK by Victoria’s Secret, Baskin Robbins, and Barbie.

Consider—and, if necessary, rethink—your identity, brand, and values, and then select colors to convey those attributes. With a color palette that evokes your brand’s true DNA, your marketing will achieve greater success.

To find out more about logos, how much they cost, colors to affect your emotions, and how famous ones have evolved, check out the infographic:

How Big Businesses Use Colors to Affect Your Emotions

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