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A picture says more than 1000 words, this is an old saying which still is valid in the 21 century. Humans are more likely to remember what they see then what they read. Instagram Marketing penetrates exactly this fact.

Skillz Middle East makes Digital Transformation happening for your company. We focus on the quick win to ensure Digital Marketing, e-learning, Web Meeting, Web Conferencing, Digital Signature, Digital Asset Management are ready to enhance your organization. Digital Marketing shall save money and bring a more efficient conversion for your brand and products.

Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

More than 90% of the “Top 100 Global Brands” are active on Instagram. 4.1 billion clicks reach this brands and 53% of this brands reach users who follow their loved brands according to the Infographic. These are facts which are promising and if you are not convinced by now that your brand shall be present then you will lose out in digital marketing.

The infographic below shows eye-opening statistics about Instagram Marketing which give us a wow effect. 600+ Million users are monthly active and 400+ Million are active every single day. The new feature which came out of the snapchat hype, “Story” is used by more than 150+ Million users. important to understand is the fact that Instagram posts which are geo-tagged are more successful than others. Surprising is that 80% of all users are outside of the US, according to an infographic by Instagram service provider Gramlike.

Now here comes the mission for every marketer. Users are in average 25 minutes online on Instagram daily, which means in this 25 minutes you want them to see your brand message. The users are quite equal when it comes to more gender-specific statistics, 51% of male versus 49% or female. Why are these facts important to know? Well, users miss 70% of their daily feed, so let’s be in this 30% of their feed which will see.

Instagram marketing engagement with brands is 10 times higher than on Facebook, 54 times higher than on Pinterest and 84 times higher than on Twitter

Instagram still grows 5 times faster than any other social network. These are all valid justifications and considering the fact that Instagram is most popular for influencer marketing we see more promising times coming up. Brand management is the most successful digital marketing discipline on Instagram with the combination of influencer marketing. Corporate content is being posted by 80% of the brands on a weekly base.

Still, the mass does not see it critical, only 13% of all brands see Instagram marketing as critically important in their marketing strategy.

Don’t miss any of the statistics of the social network and see the infographic below for all the details. Let us know how you present your organization and comment on your Instagram account in comments below.

Why Your Business Needs to consider Instagram Marketing

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