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One day or the other you are going to decide that also your business requires a mobile app. But making the decision alone does not make it happen. Find out today in our infographic what to should consider besides a great idea to successful bring your first mobile app to market.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

The first step is done, you had overnight while dinner or watching your favorite football team on TV, a marvelous idea. Your brand needs a mobile app! Now what?

You can find easy a developer who promises you to develop the complete app in two weeks. But it takes more than only an idea and a developer. Smart planning, having a clear vision of the direction can spare a lot of time and contribute to the success of a home run. Don’t forget, it is an investment which involves money and your time.There is no room to play not smart here.

Moveo a mobile app development company has created an infographic which guides you through eight steps to take your app from idea to reality.

Success with your First Mobile App: 84% of small business owners saw definite positive results after launching their app.

We mentioned it before, but I can’t restate it often enough. Planning involves concluding the key questions. Why does your business require an app and how to find the most competent partner for your mobile app development? Next, you’ll want to evaluate and ensure the distinct vision of your app idea before you go to the final steps of the app development.

Having said this it is key to understand the market situation and what your competitors provide already. Earning a spot on the user’s phone is no cakewalk, is mention in the infographic. It is valid, your competitors are 2.2 Million apps on the iOS app store and 3 Million on the Android store. Keep in mind that users install up to 30 apps on their mobile device. But only nine of them are used on a daily base.

See all the details to consider for your success in making your first mobile app great. Check out the infographic to put your mobile app on the journey to success. Share your experience with your peers in our commenting section, establish the dialogue.

First Mobile App in Eight Steps

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