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Small Business is sometimes swearing on Instagram and the other once hate it. Instagram stories are maybe not so well known but can boost your business if you make it right. Read today’s infographic “The Small Business Guide to Instagram Stories”.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Yes, of course, we can see it that big blue-chip companies and brands are using Instagram Stories but can it be done for SME’s also? Does it need a lot of budgets, does it require another marketing person? Which features in stories are best and effective to be used?

So how about we, first of all, clarify one thing, what is Instagram Stories?

“Instagram Stories is a collection of 15-second videos or photos which stay viewable for just 24 hours,” says the infographic about Stories by Headway Capital. The first look says, of course, it is not new, “Did we not see this from Snapchat?” Yes very true, Snapchat is even a platform which has only this feature.

The experts say using the stories feature gives your business the opportunity to promote your brand, identity, and business to connect with your audience. TIP: “Try not to be pushy”, and you will succeed.

“It gives you an opportunity to informally promote your business and brand identity, but using it to connect without being too pushy is key.”

The graphic walks us through the buttons and icons in the Instagram app to help us create our story. Yes you already knew it before you saw it, also here strategy is key and the infographic highlights some of them. Posting time and duration of the stories can improve the overall experience which is the essential key factor.

Some more advanced features like geotagging, using polls or providing your guests a look under the hood of your company with behind the scene videos, can help to boost your stories to the sunny side of Instagram Marketing.

Are you ready to improve your Instagram channel, ready to go live and rewrite your live stories in the digital world? The small business guide shall give you a kick start into the new experience. Let us know your experience and how feedback is on your Instagram Stories, leave a comment below, thank you.

The Small Business Guide to Instagram Stories

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