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Focusing on providing an excellent user experience can help improve your conversion rate and increase your revenue. Essential for any type of business is User Experience Design.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTo, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

The intersection of the business goals and the users’ needs is a fertile ground where you can build experiences that delight users and provide value to the organization. Analytics and sentiment analytics have proven how important a sound UX strategy is to your organization’s digital experience.

Applying UX up front saves money down the line, ignoring user experience or getting it wrong is costly. Effective UX increases revenue, focusing on user experience can help improve the conversion rate and increase your revenue.

For example, “67% of customers are more likely to purchase on mobile-friendly sites,” states the following PointSource infographic. “Mobile  users are 5X more likely to abandon a task if the site is not optimized for mobile.”

Moreover, 61% of users head out to another website if they don’t find what they are looking for right away. “Customers are 15.8% less likely to switch brands when there is a good UX,” states PointSource.

 UX can be a key differentiator, companies and consumers are embracing good user experience design. Companies like Amazon and Google are investing into educational classes and assign funds for the UX designers of the future.  

“We are living in an attention economy. If you don’t deliver a valuable experience and valuable information to your users are every moment, they are going to disengage from you and there are a lot of different options, in the marketplace. It’s essential that you get your user experience right.” – states John Romano, Pointsource UX Director.

 To find out more about the benefits of offering an excellent UX design, check out the infographic, “The Business Value of User Experience Design”:

The Business Value of User Experience Design

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