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RobRobots are more than just some metal screwed together and looking strange like in Star Wars. Chat-bots are also some kinda robot, they use maybe machine language or A.I. or just humans which answer your question on the other side of the earth. Learn today why they are achieving popularity and how to operate them correctly.

We all have witnessed what robots can do today. Sophia is only one example who close they are getting to look like human and speak like a human. Our expectation from robots is rising every year by new innovation and technology moving forward.

Chatbots are more than ever accepted and people are ready to utilize them. We can read in today’s infographic by B2B product-comparison site Market Inspector why more companies are using chatbots and how they help in the e-commerce industry.

57% of users abandon their shopping carts as they feel unready  to buy yet, chat-bots could help to finalize their decicion. 

So what are other issues User mention:

  • 34% of users find company websites hard to navigate.
  • 31% of users mention that they are not able to find simple answers to their simple questions
  • 49% of users say their buying decision was influenced by online reviews.

Looking at the user journey through an online shop can sometimes be uneasy. Bots can help in exactly this moment to navigate us right. They can send welcome messages, guide us through selections and options, and make some product recommendations or offer promotions.

The limits are not there since bots can assist multiple site visitors at the same time, which is an advantage against the limited multitasking skills of humans. Moreover, the intelligence which bots can have can determine leads and can conduct for us a follow-up.

At the end of the day, we always have the same question. Do they add value to our lives? And as we can read in the infographic, chat-bots do add value to e-commerce sites.

The industry is excited, and 96% of companies believe chatbots are here to have a longer life as part of our e-commerce life. By 2020 80% of businesses are expected to have some sort of chatbot automation. Learn today how chatbots can bring benefits also to your company. Do you maybe use chatbots today? Share with us your experience with bots you had on other sides. Use the commenting below.

How Chat-bots Can Help Your E-Commerce
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