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If you are in the consumer business or you deal with customers on the daily base you realize these customers have questions. What’s the best way to answer those questions? Yes, of course, employee number X is happy to come on board. or you can use chatbots, or you can use a combination of both.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes when I call a hotline of a vendor or the switchboard of a company I feel like I am talking to a robot. So why not let to be an AI bot? Chatbots cannot be more worth than some human on this planet.

Today’s infographic by Grazitti Interactive explores the pros and cons of chatbots by illustrating a dialogue between two friends about the technology, how cool is that.

We can observe the conversation while one friend explains to the other (Trevor) what a chatbot is. Trevor has a typical scenario where he was considering a chatbot technology. He developed an app for his hotel business. Now he is asking the question, what is the best chatbot for his business.

His friend explains to him how chatbots work.

What exactly is a bot? A bot is a computer program powered by an AI and used to automate specific tasks by chatting with a user over a conversational interface. 

He also goes into details about how consumers feel about chatbots, and how chatbots can increase profitability. The AI component in the whole technology stack sounds complicated. But the first step is not a technical step. It is key to understand the empathy of your clients and customers personas to feed the right artificial intelligence chat. This is essential to succeed with an online chatbot.

Inbound marketing is one of the good drivers for utilizing AI chatbots. MArketers should have the awareness of the marketing framework and the benefit of chat bots. The numbers are talking for themselves. 5billion monthly users are on messaging apps.

The infographic also illustrates more information on the actual development of such bots and puts automation in relation with sophistication. Also, we can see some statistics for the common consumer’s acceptance of this technology and business benefits.

See the complete conversation between Steve and Tevor and learn more about chatbots and their usage, market opportunity and more.  Are you using today already a chatbot? Let us know your experience and use our commenting section below.

Are Chatbots a Good Idea for Your Business? [Infographic]
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