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Learn easy, how to master Color Theory for Web Design to make your Website more effectively. Colors can be your most powerful tool today to infer a reaction from the audience.

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Dieter Hovorka

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The infographic below is well structured and well assembled, it is one of those which I can recommend out of my heart. Let’s put together our hand for Design Mantic who put together this infographic, kudo well done. We all have read before infographics about colors and brand, what they stand for and why do they succeed. We can classify even which color stand best for which industry and type of business we want to promote.

Color Theory Website Design

You can use colors to stir web visitors, encouraging them to contribute or respond to a call-to-action. Warm colors motivate and invigorate their audience, while cold colors soothe them with their sedative tendencies.

Through right color schemes, you can design an ambiance of warmth, coziness or serenity, or you can express an image of spirited freshness.

Looking close into the infographic I see a fantastic way how it describes the way of using colors across your layout. You can structure your layout moving for example from the dark color spectrum to the light or vs verse from light to dark. Taking a halocratic approach seems also to be effective.

The colors tell it all

Nailing it down we have the negative color space which we can take in a vertical space layout, filled-in space approach, grid space, irregular space or open space. Maybe depending on how we want to trigger the brain cells we can confuse our audience or maybe look organize or futuristic.

Marketers for sure ask themselves, what does convert? Yes, looking into emphasizing CTA we can see the color space which converts, the classic colors which we typically use for call-to-action.

There is nothing you should read without learning something new. For me, I achieved by reading the infographic I learned something new which I was looking for many years. Now someone visualized this for me, I am very grateful for this. Following a color scheme shall make a design perfect. But the question in the past was always, how to select? Selecting colors which have a relation to each other in a color spectrum is the simple answer. Well is it so simple?  The most common practice is to select complementary colors, but if you require more colors you could make a choice of a rectangle orientation of color scheme. Analogous, Triadic or square are also used a lot while split complementary is a way which is practiced not so often.


Being trendy in our days is the mandatory thing to stand out of the mass. The Infographic offers a sample of 6 voguish color schemes for the web. From retro inspired, fresh summer, glam gray accents, to preppy sapphire, regal spanish vibe and mixed metallic style.

Of course, there are hundreds of articles out there with the color schemes for 2017. My opinion, give people too many choices and they fail to make a single decision.

Bookmark the page so you are equipped for your next Web Design project. This infographic is an excellent daily tool for any web designer, the Infographic “Color Theory Website Design”.

Infographic Color Theory Website Design

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