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podcast | Skillz Middle East
Lead Generation: A complete guide on how to use Infographics

Between a wall of text and visual content, which one is likely to catch and retain your attention? The brain processes images faster than text. As a marketer, you only have a few seconds to make an impression before your audience’s attention gets pulled away by something else. With this, and at the risk of sounding cliché: show, don’t tell.

When deliberating on lead generation strategies, infographics aren’t the first tactic that comes to a marketer’s mind. While this form of content works excellently in bolstering traffic and engagement, its role in lead generation is often underestimated. It could be because there are little to no numerical data that associates infographics with lead generation.

Infographics, however, enable brands to summarize complex data into a stunning visual that clearly communicates their message.

Good visual content is what stops people from what they’re doing and makes any complicated topic easy to digest.

More so, this form of content is more manageable for marketers to promote on social media channels, email, blog posts, and through other content marketing strategies, eventually increasing traffic and generating sales leads.

What the Numbers Say about Infographics

You’re already creating visually pleasing, striking, informative, and engaging content. So, you might as well elevate its full performance and maximize its use for lead generation. If you’re still on the fence about it, consider these figures:

  • Visual content like infographics get 94% more clicks and 30x more leads.
  • Brands that create custom visual content generate 7x higher conversion rate.
  • Studies show that people can remember 65% of visual content even three days after seeing it.
  • Infographics are shared 3x more than other forms of visual content on social networks.

Although infographics appeal to a wide range of audiences, not all infographics are created equal. You have to produce quality ones tailored for your various campaigns to draw the right kind of attention that can propel your business forward.

In general, a remarkable infographic contains the trifecta of exemplary design, readability, and reliable information. A well-thought-out and well-executed infographic has the power to influence your customers, and eventually determinate their purchasing decisions. When done right, these visual guides can be a helpful device in generating stronger, quality leads in increased volumes.

Why Infographics are Vital for Your Business

Digital marketers see infographics as one of the most influential content and social media marketing techniques today. Sharing visual content on social media networks helps brands gain potential customers. Moreover, social shares have a remarkable impact on your company’s credibility. People who share the content means they find the piece useful. The more people share it, the further the infographic reach gets, improving your rankings in search engines.

It also serves as a smart gateway to boost your other content. For instance, you can use infographics to attract potential customers and entice them to check your website. This is an opportunity for you to direct them to your landing page, products or services pages, or encourage them subscribe to your email newsletter. Additionally, you can end your infographic post with a CTA to download your latest eBook.

Despite people’s short attention span, infographics are effective in attracting, enlightening, engaging, and converting customers. Below is a visual representation of how you can generate leads with infographics.

A Complete Guide to Using Infographics for Lead Generation
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Shaw Bongo is a Content Specialist at Spiralytics where she is the resident multilingual. When she’s not churning out topic ideas, writing, or translating for her officemates, she’s surfing the internet in search for the next Philippine summit to climb and conquer over the weekend.

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