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Consumer Travel Trends for 2018 [Infographic]

Every summer the same question in the family. Where shall we go on summer holiday, or shall we stay at home? Time to look into some consumer travel trends 2018 and get some ideas before it is too late to book.

It’s always interesting to observe various patterns in the travel industry and among the things to havecaught our eye in recent months include the rise of low-cost long-haul airlines, the shift towards once-in-a-lifetime experience holidays and the substantial growth of the river cruising market.

Mary Smith

Guest Writer

Now that we’re into the summer months, many of us are getting set to take holidays and venture to various regions around the globe. It seems like the ideal time, then, to look at a few of the travel trends that are likely to dominate this summer.

Switch-off holiday

One of the main reasons for taking a holiday is to get away from the duties that define our everyday lives, especially in an age where mobile devices ensure that we’re constantly connected. You’ve earned the right to switch off completely; don’t waste your travels on working.

All-inclusive packages

Even though many economies have picked up in recent years, many holidaymakers still seek budget all-in packages which enable them to enjoy a relaxing holiday at a very affordable price.

River cruises

Ocean cruising has been a lucrative industry for years, but more recently we have seen river cruises booming in popularity. The Danube which flows through much of Europe is an especially attractive location for this sector.

The number of guests of the global cruise industry in 2017 reached above 25 million guests – ‘Statista’

Budget long-haul flights

For a long time, low-cost airlines would only have operated short-haul flights of no more than 3-4 hours. That has now changed, with the likes of Norwegian Airlines offering transatlantic routes at a notably lower price than traditional long-haul operators.

Online research

It seems unthinkable nowadays that you’d go abroad without looking extensively at online maps and reviews of your intended destination. The independent opinions you’d read on sites like TripAdvisor give you an accurate impression of what a hotel or tourist attraction offers to visitors.

Once in a lifetime holidays

While there’s still a high demand for budget holidays, that isn’t to say that people aren’t looking towards the other end of the spectrum either. From attending festivals and sporting events to sampling new adventures and visiting exotic destinations, the experience holiday is a favorite among travelers. How about visiting the football world cup in Russia which starts in June 2018.

Reliving childhood experiences

Remember that family resort you visited with your parents when you were seven? Many holidaymakers enjoy going back to places they visited in their childhood and actively rekindling memories from their youth. In an era where the race for captivating social media photography is frenetic, such locations also offer fantastic opportunities for then-and-now images.

Healthy holidays

Have you had the fear of slipping into bad dietary habits when you go abroad? If so, then there are plenty of ways in which you can retain healthy habits on holidays. Walking tours such as the Camino de Santiago in Spain are in huge demand, along with yoga retreats and medication holidays.

Perhaps none of these align with your holiday plans, but it’s nonetheless interesting to see what other travelers are most likely getting up to over the summer. This infographic from Killarney Hotels in Ireland examines the trends mentioned above in further detail, adding a few suggested destinations to correspond with each one. Maybe you might take an idea or two from it in deciding what your next holiday should entail!

Let us know which is your favorite way of holidays and get us inspired. Check out the beautiful infographic below covering all consumer travel trends for 2018. Use our commenting section below.

Consumer Travel Trends for 2018 [Infographic]

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