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More brands are aligning themselves with philanthropic causes in hopes of burnishing their reputation and their bottom lines with the rise of social activism. Read today more about Cause Marketing and what consumers really thin?

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But while a simple donation to charity might have sufficed in decades past, today’s younger consumers expect brands to go above and beyond when it comes to supporting different causes, according to a new survey of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by marketing research firm Toluna.

“Simply doing good is not enough; brands that wish to reach millennials through cause marketing must create a personal connection,” explained CEO and co-founder Frédéric-Charles Petit. “As the purchasing power of millennials expands, brands will need to give greater attention to carving out a corporate social responsibility platform that consumers can identify with.”

Let’s review some statements from the survey to understand more how our consumers think about cause marketing.

On average, respondents thought that brands sup-porting causes was a great way to bring attention to important issues while few saw it as an inauthentic way to make more money.

Q: Select the statement that best describes your feelings about brands supporting charitable causes.

1. I think it’s an inauthentic move to get more customers and more money.

2. I think it’s a great way to bring attention to different national or global issues.

3. It depends on whether or not I agree with the cause.

4. I don’t really think about it that much; it doesn’t matter to me.

When it comes to how a brand supports a cause, the majority of people would rather have the brand donate money directly.

Q: If a brand is going to sup-port a cause, which method appeals most to you?

1. Donate some portion of their revenue to a recognized charity.

2. Integrate the cause into their business strategy (like TOMS donating shoes, or Warby Parker donating glasses).

3. Promoting awareness through an advertising or marketing campaign.

4. Use their visibility to publicly discuss important issues they would like to solve (such as a CEO making a public statement on a policy issue).

5. Other

6. I don’t think brands should support causes.

Read more in the below infographic about cause marketing and the impact on consumers. Let us know how you feel on this topics, use our commenting section below.


Cause Marketing

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