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Whether you are new to Inbound Marketing or you want to give your campaigns some new direction, the folks at Uplears (formerly known as HubMonks) have created a seven-step list that will help guide you to inbound success.

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Uplers was formed in October 2019 as a result of the merger between 3 independent and successful marketing and technology companies, EmailMonks, WebbyMonks and Octos.
The 7 step guide summarizes the activities of each step in this published infographic that explains why each step is important and how to achieve it.

Let’s see a summary of each step, read the full infographic below:

Step 1: Define your goals, and ensure they follow the SMART methodology (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely).

Step 2: Identify your audience. Some 71% of companies that exceed revenue and lead goals have documented customer personas, the infographic explains.

Step 3: Create Optimized/Personalized Digital Assets, don’t forget mobile-first approach and optimize them for the usage of this channel. The Infographic highlights a couple of tools you should use to achieve the mission here.

Step 4: Build Visibility to succeed with your marketing strategy. Combine social media activities with paid ads, pay-per-click campaigns and displayed advertisement

Step 5: Generate Leads and learn how your customer is reaching you. Listening tools can help here

Listening is more important than buzzing your audience with not relevant information during inbound marketing. 

Step 6: Nurture Leads and see how the customer journey can hook them up

Step 7: Win the Customer and don’t forget, buy the time your sales team reaches your prospect they consumed already 85% of the information. Utilize this advantage.

To see how to build visibility, generate leads, and learn about the rest of the tips for achieving content enlightenment, see below the “7 Mantas of Inbound Marketing”, share your opinion with us and leave a comment.

Infographic Content Enlightenment: Seven Mantras of Inbound Marketing

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