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Content marketing is one of the key components of digital marketing today. In times when something can circulate around the web one day, and drop into obscurity the following, it is difficult to snatch consideration on the web and get best outcomes from digital marketing campaigns efforts. Investigating Content Marketing Statistics sounds obligatory just to demonstrate in the event that we did well or not.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

One thing is as yet the same – an “easy win” you may state – and that will be high-quality content as the first rule and the essential piece of any web-based marketing efforts.

75% of advertisers have perceived that and are putting more in their substance marketing efforts, and plan to take a shot at making all the more fantastic content when all is said in done. To underline the significance, considerably more, it’s important that 70% of individuals need to find out about a brand by means of value articles, as opposed to the typical adverts.

On the off chance that we investigate the correlation amongst B2B and B2C marketing the choice is almost equivalent and normal. The two sides see the need that content creation needs responsibility and that the significance is getting higher contrasted with 2016. Yet at the same time, I would state it would appear like marketing into the blue, just 40% of B2C marketers have a written marketing methodology. In B2B marketing it doesn’t look better, even just 37% trust a visualized procedure is required.

The importance of good content marketing strategy is highlighted even further when you consider that over 300 million people are now actively blocking ads on their devices, making it impossible to reach them with traditional forms of online advertising.

Content marketing spending plans and speculations are developing year in, year out – specialists anticipate that it will end up being a $300 billion industry by 2019, so now is the ideal time to take a jump and put resources into making astounding substance and executing a marketing strategy based around it.

More Highlights about Content Marketing Statistics

More features can be reviewed when we discuss channels for content marketers, appears like for B2B advertisers the web crawler and search engine still leads paid strategies while strategies running websites is most basic for promoting achievement 2017. The companions from the B2C side don’t see it a lot different acknowledge the way that they take the social channels as the best once. All over content marketing measurements are sparkling here like a rose, I am inspired by the nature of this Infographic. It rounds up with data on spending plan and spendings which are always a feature to perceive what we can gain.

All of these about Content Marketing Statistics, and more stats, which demonstrate the importance of content marketing can be found in the infographic below, which comes courtesy of PointVisible.

Infographic Content Marketing Statistics & Trends – 2017 Edition

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