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You invest your time into making a blog with high-quality content and still did not realize to monetize it? In Todays Infographic you can read about how to convert your Blog into a lead magnet for your inbound marketing.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Online Marketing today is more than just collecting Facebook likes and Instagram friends. If you think about the Omnichannel activities you can use much more than this like Email Marketing which can be combined with your blog. Creating quality content and working with bloggers and influencers is key to make your central marketing activities successful and spread the word of mouth across digital channels.

While influencer marketing can be very successful in many ways due their focus and interest, your own blog can drive your clients based on their interest in your own blog like a lead magnet. So how would this for example work? The Web development specialists at Webby Monks have created an infographic that explains the following five simple ways your blog can help your audience readers and generate leads:

Tip 1: A really good smart design is mandatory to succeed in your mission. 83% of all your site visitors will leave again if they don’t like your design. Reduce the clicks, make sure the audience journey in your blog is easy and you use rich and visual content like infographics and explainer videos. Share smart content by explaining and showing examples to illustrate the know how you want to share. User experience is key to success.

Tip 2: Nothing else than close the communication loop with your audience and make a call-to-action. Don’t rely on a simple single way to capture your audience activity, spread them across the page and make a proper user experience with personalized call-to-action where possible.

Tip 3: Let your audience interact and give them the opportunity to engage with the author of your blog. Commenting and sharing are the fundamental pillows of your blog.

The ultimate Lead Magnet is a successful blog which is liked by the audience based on the shared know how and the engaging way of presentation.

Tip 4: Of course bridge the gap and include email marketing with opt-in forms. The infographic highlights that email opt-in rate on a website is only 1.95%, but can increase to 4.77% if we listen to the top 10% performing sites.

Tip 5: My time is precise, your page is not loading fast, I have better to do and will find one which loads faster. Make sure your blog is loading fast across all devices to ensure an optimized experience for your site visitors.

Sounds all now easy to achieve or? Well get started today and your blog will turn into a lead magnet for your inbound marketing efforts. Review all 5 tips again in the infographic below.

5 Tips to make your Blog to a Lead Magnet

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