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How CMO’s 3 overcome the Cross-Channel Marketing barriers and find their keys to marketing success. CM’s are focused while their team tries to optimize each of their channels.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

A recent research from Experian finds that marketers are stymied by everything from siloed departments to irrelevant technology when it comes to consolidating the channels for brands and their companies. If you achieve your automation data and orchestrating efforts between departments, you can gain access to an all-too-exclusive single view of what your customers need.

Data linkage, the right technology and breaking down organizational silos represent the biggest cross-channel opportunities … but they’re also top challenges. To overcome these challenges brands must evolve their entire way of doing business toward a customer-centric approach, opening doors to greater marketing possibilities. CM)’s see the top cross-channel marketing barriers data linkage, technology, and organizations structure.

“This is the year marketers will align their data to create more thoughtful customer interactions and improve customer experience across channels” -Matt Seeley, Group President, North America from Experian stated. 

One of the top challenges stays to create a single customer view in Cross-Channel Marketing.

43% of the asked CMO’s said it is related to poor data quality, 39% feel that siloed departments make it hard to consolidate, while 37% see a lack of relevant technology and 34% point out that inability to link different technologies is the reason for this gap.

Also, Tom Schutz, Senior Vice President and General Manager from Experian pointed out: “Information comes to marketers with different standardization and accuracy level … The lack of central data strategy hurts a marketer’s ability to achieve a complete view of each customer.”

Companies collect customer information through an average of 3.1 channels, only 24% of all asked companies say they have a single customer view.

Technology still did not arrive in the creative marketing departments. Platform-generated attribution and predictive analytics will also transform campaign strategy and execution in 2015. 36% of the audience say integration the right technology to automate, orchestrate and manager customer interactions is top 2015 priority.

The highlight is the organizational structure, 65% of marketers feel that teamwork is somehow happening. While their team wants to maximize every relevant channel, that’s no easy to achieve. See all the insides in the infographic below, and see how CMO’s concquor the Cross-Channel Marketing challenges. 

Overcome Cross-Channel Marketing Barriers (Infographic)

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