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Studying your current customers – “customer experience analysis” – is an essential thing every marketer has to do from time to time. This can help you and your brand to learn what to do today to retain more revenue tomorrow.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Customer experience analysis works like a swiss clock, as we can read in the Primary Intelligence infographic, because it looks to the source, tells you what happened in the past, recommends you what to do next, and delivers a good overview of a compelling outcome.

Working in the software industry or any service-oriented sector we want to first know in customer experience analysis, “who of our clients are three to six months from renewal,” recommends the infographic. “Find the key decision-makers.” which is essential in any sales process.

Find out how your customers feel. “Ask what benefits they receive from using your solution, and find out if there are benefits not being delivered,” recommends Primary Intelligence. “Find the likelihood of there being repeat business.”. Yes with understanding starts the conversion of your communication between your customer and your organization. Most organizations are following only trends and try to make the one-hit-wonder, sell once hit and run.

Customer experience goes hand in hand with customer loyalty which will result in increased upsell.

Furthermore, customer experience looks into topics like loyalty, product enhancements, upsell potentials, how the real customer journey looks like and for sure uncovers what the customer want. The infographic looks into the four main pillars of customer experience which should be able to deliver benefits for your company in order to be successful.

For the next steps to customer experience analysis and to find out its benefits, read all the details in the infographic below. Let us know what worked for you and which findings you had by analyzing your customer experience. 

Customer Experience Analysis: How to Retain Your Customers

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