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Technology can be used to create more positive customer experiences, but many companies fall short in this regard. How can technology be used effectively to bring us closer to our customers rather than further away? Win big in Customer Relationships with the infographic of today.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Let’s stay a little realistic. We have the big era of wise people who are the majority of business owners and the one which made industries great and rose. Technology envolved over the last century in a lightspeed and it is not easy to keep on track. Generation-Y and Millennials arrived just now to be our prominent consumers but we do not see them yet as business owners or business drivers in the traditional way.

But it does not mean avoiding technology, especially when it comes to customer engagement and customer experience. Tech can portray a valuable role. 42% of business leaders believe automation technologies will improve the customer experience aspect of their business. 48% say they are currently using automation technology with another 40% planning to implement some elements of it by 2020.

80% of businesses are planning to use Chatbots, software platforms that behave like a human, by 2020 to sharpen Customer Relationships.

But the question still stays unanswered and valid. How can technology bring us closer to our customer? The answers and highlights we can read in the infographic prepared by digital customer experience platform CUBE.

The graphics convey this point up of authenticity which our clients want. Especially emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence seem to lack when it comes to authenticity. Millennials are promptly the largest living generation. They are a group of tech-savvy social conscious consumers who know what they want. Having said that, as they can have what they want in a lovely package at their door, it makes building relationship with them even more vital.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

At the same time, big data and AI are on the rise, but this hardly provides authenticity, does it? Moreover, when people think about AI, one of their first thoughts is broadly about its lack of humanity. Does this disqualify the technology for building Customer Relationships?

The infographic shows more elements which we need to care about to utilize technology in our customer relationship. Utilize your data to generate messaging that is truly relevant because we can. Use automation to your advantage and don’t permit it over-rolling you like a caterpillar of technology.

Furthermore, we can read some industry quotes from Steve Jobs, John S.Watson, and Anita Brearton.

Allover it is a crucial lesson for any marketer and business owner who wants to make technology work for them in Customer Relationships. Share your opinion in the commenting section below to emerging technologies like AI and AR.

Customer Relationships in the Age of Technology [Infographic]

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